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If you started a renovation of the house and decided to change the window, in front of you was a question: "Which windows is better?" Do not make a mistake is very important in this issue, because it affects your health and further comfort.

Today the market offers us a huge selection of windows. Metal windows, plastic, laminated veneer lumber, wood, mixed models. Despite this choice, the lead only plastic and wooden windows.

Windows: wood or plastic?

Windows made of plastic reliable, durable, have the insulation of the effect. The frames of the windows look aesthetically pleasing, but also enables to perform micro-ventilation of premises.

These windows are provided in completely differentcolors. The most popular color - white, but recently shades "under the tree" begin to enjoy enormous popularity. Prized as the fact that the frame does not have to never tint.

A good part of the success depends directly on the proper installation of plastic windows. During installation it is important to use insulating tape to prevent fogging and mildew build-up.

Unfortunately, due to its sealing, plastic windows cause air stagnation in the room, and because of this a person may experience headaches.

Such windows are not natural. When the plastic is heated in air harmful for the human body substance.

Wood is an environmentally friendly material. Wood colors in perfect harmony with the metal, brick and stone.

Repair of windows will cost you less than the breakdown of plastic windows. Modern windows do not need to stick made of wood, because they already are a special insulation.

Since the tree breathes, moisture in the apartment will always be at the proper level. Plants, animals, and you will enjoy its excellent state of health themselves.

The main disadvantage of wooden windows - the complexity of care, as well as the impossibility of fixing the valves.

As you can see, from wood and plastic windowsboth have their flaws, and some dignity. What do you value more? Is repelled by this issue and decide for yourself which is better to put a window.

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