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What is the second part of "Twilight. Saga. Dawn"

What happens in the second part of Twilight. Saga. Dawn

Access to the world's new film "Twilight.



Part 2 "will only November 16, 2012.

However, fans do not need to suffer the unknown, what will happen to the main characters - the vampires and werewolves, it is enough to read the novel by Stephenie Meyer, in which filmed.

"The Twilight Saga," the American writerStephenie Meyer can compete with the very popular "Harry Potter". The love story of an immortal vampire and a normal schoolgirl became the basis of one of the most cash film project to the twenty-first century. Throughout the three films were unfolding relationship of Bella Swan, moved in with his father in the town of Forks and met at school with a strange boy Edward Cullen, was a vampire. Despite the fact that the Cullens drink only animal blood, Edward fights the urge to bite his beloved, because the scent of her blood for him like a drug. And Bella, meanwhile, makes a choice between the attractive, but strangely Edward and Jacob Black a simple guy, who comes from a family of werewolves.

The first part of the Novels "Twilight. Saga. Dawn "ends, that married Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee is born, has caused her a lot of the birth mother's suffering. Due to the difficult birth Bella Cullen is on the verge of life and death, and to rescue his beloved Edward has to initiate it - bite, thereby turning into a vampire.

In the second part of the film's main story willturn around Renesmee - polucheloveka, half-vampire. The girl is growing by leaps and bounds, reaching to a point which will be discussed in "Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Part 2 "about the age of ten. For others, it is not dangerous, though, and feeds on the blood of animals, and from baby father and mother inherited magical powers. Renesmee captured (forever linked) with Jacob, who becomes her best friend and mentor. Along with Bella and Edward and werewolf preparing for the next battle with the Italian vampire clan Volturi. Powerful members of this family, to learn about the birth of a child a vampire and human, are going to take Renesmee and destroy it.

The decisive clash will happen when the earth covers the first snow. And only on the outcome of the battle will depend on the life and destiny of the whole Cullen family, and Jacob and his fellow wolf ...

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