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What will happen after the end of the world

What will happen after the end of the world

Despite the fact that the end of the world, promised by the Mayan Indians in December 2012, did not take place, some of mankind is still preparing for the Apocalypse.

In the end, end of the world predictions are increasing, and it is possible that at least one of them will come true.

But how it will look after this planet?

End of the World - a global catastrophe thatwill lead to the death of most of the world's population, a variety of disasters, climate change and other unpleasant events. There is plenty of detail described doomsday scenarios caused by man-made, biological, natural, mystical or other reasons. Naturally, depending on what it will cause the end of the beam, it is realized postapocalyptic a particular prognosis.

The first days after the end of the world

As the theme of the destruction of mankind was oneof the most popular in the last few decades, it is no wonder that in literature and cinema, there are many works that describe the remnants of the human race and their struggle for survival on the planet after the disaster. Based on this, you can create some idea of ​​how the world will look like after the end of the world. Most have several features in common scenarios although nuances usually differ.

In centuries past the end of the world has been predicted about five hundred times, but humanity is alive and well so far, so many people are skeptical about the likelihood of the death of civilization.

So, the cataclysm occurred (nuclear war,epidemic, meteorite fall, the climate catastrophe) will lead to the death of about 90% of humanity. This will cause chaos, political and economic crisis, due to which the remains of the world's population quickly lose their shape and become civilized in primitive beings concerned only search for food and survival. It is expected that with the destruction of the moral norms and values ​​characteristic of a highly developed civilization, unfold the struggle for existence, which was won by the strongest and most primitive members of the human race, for whom killing his neighbor will not be an ethical problem. This, in turn, will lead to the loss of most of the basic knowledge and skills, and therefore, there will be a huge technological decline. In addition, the surviving remnants of the population will not be sufficient for the effective production of consumer goods, energy and food, which also will cause the decline of civilization and technology.

Post-apocalyptic reality is also reflected in a variety of computer games, some of which, for example, of Fallout, have become real hits.

Whether the remnants of humanity survive?

Chances are, if after the end of the world and in the worldwill be sufficient to reproduce the number of people they will have to go a long way of technological and social development, which will be complicated by the effects of a global cataclysm. This path will include the formation of groups for the survival of the type of primitive tribes, division of labor, the emergence of primitive economy, the rudiments of the state. Naturally, all this is possible only if the planet after the disaster will remain a place fit for life. Otherwise, those who died in the end of the world will be doomed to extinction because of intolerable conditions, for example, a nuclear winter.

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