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WHAT width and height of the football goal

What is the width and height of the football goal

Football is impossible without the gate. This football goals are the most important strategic point of the field, because the main goal of the game - the clogging of the ball in the opponent's goal.

football goal Parameters - height and width - always remain the same.

The basic division gate

Conventionally, football goals are divided into three rows ofthree squares, each of which is assigned a number from one to nine. The calculation starts with squares of the lower row so that the fourth square located on the first, seventh, - on the second and so on. Names associated with the markings on the board for training, which is designed for practicing shots on goal.

Quadratic division football goal is for the purpose of training - field players must score goals, trying to send the ball in a specific zone (center or corners of the gate).

In all other situations, the numbering of the centralareas non-existent, and football commentators often operate with such concepts as "punch below the bar" and "break through top or bottom in the middle." Side football goal area commonly referred to as triplets, sixes, nines - thus clarify on which side of the gate in question (right or left).

The width and height

Football goal are twouprights, which connects the horizontal bar. The beam must be strictly metal - rope instead use is strictly prohibited. Sami gates are placed at the center of each of the lines of football gate, the distance between them stands is 7.32 meters, while the distance from the bottom of the crossbar to the ground shall be not more than 2.44 meters. There are two kinds of football goal - stationary and portable.

The beams and posts football goal should always be painted white - players to see where to score goals.

The diameter of the cross section of the crossbar and uprights must becompletely the same and can not exceed 12 centimeters. The line width of a football goal should be equal to the diameter of the crossbar and the uprights. Securely fixed grid is always attached to the ground behind the goal and the goalkeeper, making sure that it does not interfere with it. Themselves gates must also be securely attached to the ground, because otherwise there is a risk of traumatic and even fatal situations. In addition, they should be as stable and weigh as little as possible - an ideal solution are portable football goals made of aluminum, which is convenient to transport, move and install. Also, high-quality football gate manufacturers cover the special anti-corrosion coating that protects them from rust.

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