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WHAT were the gods in the pantheon of Greek gods

What were the gods in the pantheon of Greek gods

Scenes of Greek myths have become the basis for many great works of world culture.

Paintings, sculptures, libretti of operas and ballets, allusions in countless literary works associated with the names of the gods of the Greek pantheon.


In total, the Greek pantheon includes about a hundredvarious gods and goddesses, but only twelve of them belong to the "main". These are the children and grandchildren of the Titans, permanently residing at the top of the mythical Mount Olympus. Chief among these is Zeus, the son of Crohn's and Rhea, the lord of thunder and lightning. Zeus - the father of many gods and heroes, known for his numerous novels with mortal beauties. Symbols of Zeus, which can identify its image - lightning, eagle, oak tree, scepter and scales. Wife of the Thunderer - the goddess of love and marriage - Gera. She often suffers from its many changes, but revenge is not her husband, and his passes and children. Symbols of Hera - peacock, grantat, cuckoo, lion, and cow. Brothers Zeus - Poseidon and Hades (aka Hades) - prevails in the underwater and underground world. Poseidon - god of the seas, tides and earthquakes - he is depicted with a trident in his hand, often accompanied by horses, bulls and dolphins. Hades is not formally an Olympian, because he rarely leaves his gloomy possession. Sister Zeus - Demeter and Hestia. Generous Demeter - goddess of fertility, the changing seasons, the patroness of all who are engaged in agriculture. Gentle Hestia - goddess of the hearth.

The peaceful Hestia ceded his place on Olympus to Dionysus.

Sons and daughters of Zeus - Athena, Apollo,Artemis, Ares, Hephaestus, Hermes and Dionysus. Athena patronizes strategists and artisans, it is the goddess of wisdom. Symbols of Athena - the owl and the olive tree. Apollo - the sun god, he was patron of poets and musicians, as well as an archer. His characters - the sun, the bow, the lyre and arrows, Apollo's companions - a raven, wolf, swan, and mouse. Apollo's sister, Artemis, also protects the archer. And how else, after all she is a goddess of hunting. Since she is a goddess - virgin, under the protection of the innocent girls fall, even Artemis - goddess of the moon, so it is light - one of her characters on a par with cypress, bow and arrow, the deer and the Bear. Militant Ares - God of battle, violence, bloodshed, it is always depicted wearing a helmet, a shield and a spear. Beautiful Aphrodite, whose symbols are the dove, the apple, the myrtle and the Swan - the goddess of desire, beauty and love. Lame Hephaestus - the god-smith, its element - fire. Hermes - a cunning and pompous messenger of the gods, dressed in sandals with frivolous wings - under his protection are not only traders but also thieves with the players. It does not help the fact that's just cheating conceived low, but come to the aid of cunning enthusiastic. Dionysus - the youngest and frivolous of all the Olympians, the god - a holiday celebration of his diocese and wine drinking.

Other Greek gods

Frequent guests on Olympus are Eros and Hebe. Lightfoot Hebe, daughter of Zeus and Hera, often together with Ganymede pours nectar and ambrosia on Cups feasting gods. Eros, son of Aphrodite and Ares, sometimes let their carrying love, boom not only mortals, but in other gods and goddesses. Beautiful Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zeus, reigns six months in the underworld with her husband, gloomy Hades, and six pleases his mother company. In the underwater world, along with Poseidon lives of his wife, the goddess Amphitrite.

That joy and sorrow Demeter Greeks explained the seasons.

There is no place on Olympus buckish god Pan, yeshe does not seek to, preferring to remain in his element, because he is the deity of wildlife, patron of shepherds, protector of herds, a lover of simple melodies and beautiful nymphs eternal companion. He is dearer to sunny Greece, with its woods and fields than glowing Olympus. Dark gods - Deimos, Hecate, Phobos, and Eris nemesis - also not included in the Olympic host. Deimos - the god of madness, his brother Phobos - gives all the horror, Hecate - goddess, the patroness of witchcraft, Eris - brings quarrels and enmity, and nemesis comes to the aid of those who are obsessed with revenge.
Also known among the gods of the Greek pantheonworth knowing Nick - crowning the winners, healer Asclepius, the god of sleep Hypnos, the god of death Thanatos, the Knicks - the goddess of the night, Morpheus, in charge of the sublime dream, the Three Graces and the nine muses.

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