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How much weight should a child have in 9 months


The weight of a child is one of the most important characteristics of his development</a>

There are medical standards approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Based on these guidelines, you can monitor whether the child is normally gaining weight.

If there are significant deviations from these standards, it is necessary to make adjustments to its diet.

Unweighting or preponderance?

Mom, especially the young, zealously watch howAdds their child in weight. And they are worried if they do not reach the desired figures. There are scientifically sound standards approved by the Russian Ministry of Health. To find out if the nine-month-old kid corresponds to these standards is very simple: just add 5.95 kg with his original weight.
Meanwhile, the weight of the child should always be correlatedWith growth. To learn it is also easy: to increase at birth, add 20.5 cm. According to the same medical standards, the growth of a nine-month-old girl should be about 70 cm, and the boy - 71-71.5 cm.
Approximately in every ten babies out of a hundred there are small deviations in development. Treat this as an individual characteristic.
Between the body weight of girls and boys there arenot a big difference. So, girls should gain 8.3 kg, and boys - 8.9 kg. Do not be embarrassed when you see different numbers in different sources. Deviation from them by 6-7% is quite acceptable.
Another thing is if the weight of the child is less or more by 20-25%. Then there is obvious underweight or, on the contrary, a preponderance. In this case, you need to make adjustments to the diet.

How to feed a child

Proper nutrition provides tangible increasesIn weight. By the way, by this age the baby already usually has two upper and two lower milk incisors. True, in today's children teeth are often cut through with a delay. Do not worry, because this is also a kind of norm.
The baby's 9 month menu can consist ofThree dishes: meat, vegetable and fruit. At this time, it is also time to introduce a new lure: fish, boiled or steamed. Invite the child to try a new product, just give a tiny portion first.
Week cook only one kind of fish, and watch closely if the baby has allergies. If suddenly there are crimson spots or a rash, immediately remove the fish from the menu.
Serves the child in warm, but not hot and cold form. Salt and sugar add in extremely small quantities. And no candy! Accustom to sweets - then you are tortured yourself.

Weigh the baby regularly

To timely identify errors in nutrition,It is necessary to know how the dynamics of the weight of the baby changes. If he suddenly began to lose weight for no apparent reason, then in his body clearly there are certain violations.
When the child's weight exceeds all conceivable norms andHis cheeks hang on his shoulders, this is also an alarming signal. Do not overdo it, otherwise the extra weight will turn into a heap of health problems.
If the child is gaining weight with a smallAhead of or a little does not get it, it's okay. Disturbing is when there are sharp changes. By the tenth month the child becomes heavier by about 0.5 kg and more by 1.5 cm. The scales should show 8.6 kg for girls and 9.2 kg for boys, and the heightometer - 71 cm and 72 cm respectively.

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