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What we think in the womb

What we think in the womb

An article about our first experiences before birth, how they affect the future life.

What we think in the womb?

Hello, dear readers!
This time we will talk about the first experience gained by us with the appearance in this world, our birth.
Unfortunately, many of us take the process of childbirth as an unpleasant, painful event that you need to go and forget quickly.
And, indeed, all of us, except for a veryin rare cases, keep the memory of its birth, deep down, quite simply, to forget their birth. And in vain. It appears, then, as a young man takes his birth, it may be the key to what awaits him in the Hereafter.
Psychologists found that person continue to influence the events that took place with us for a long time, until what happened to us at the time of birth and even before.
It turns out we begin to exist and to perceive the world not from the time when taking the first breath, but much earlier. ;;;;;
One of the first scientists who drew itnote was Stanislav Grof. He studied the various states of human consciousness through the use of LSD and made sure that he and his patients began to recall the events that have been forgotten.
First, the patients began to recall the events ofdistant childhood. Noting that the memory was very realistic - they completely felt like children, we think and react to all the kids. memories of what happened before the birth of later began to appear.
It turned out that the little man, who is in the womb, lives its own life, has a wide range of feelings and emotions, which are very different from our present.
What can feel and experience the process of birth to the child? How is he feeling?
Anyone who could remember their experiences,of birth, celebrate their depth and cosmic. Numerous reports indicate that a child is in the womb, feels not a separate entity, but as it were fused with the ocean of life, with all of creation. The child feels unity with his mother and distinguish the many nuances of her emotional state and, most importantly, her attitude toward him. As if set clear telepathic link that connects mother and child.
The child is open to all experiences of the mother. But the perception of it, of course, different from ours. Perceived and not read thoughts, judgments and estimates, and emotional states, feelings, emotions.
At some unstudied until the level of the childreceives and captures the extent of his love and expect. The way the mother treats the child while still in the womb, largely affects his entire life. If the mother sends him positive emotions, thinking about it, the child perceives it as a stream of care and love. Then, in the next life people more confidence in the outside world, believes that his love and support. It may seem strange, but the ability to enjoy life and relax has its roots in this period of human life. And, of course, the person receiving the flow of unconditional love and care will be more successful and psychologically stable life.
If the mother is under stress and withdread thinking about the child's birth, he takes it as an aggression and a threat to his life. These mothers experience can create a sense of chaos and its uselessness.
Finally themselves begin childbirth - the most seriousand responsible test. The fact that at first the uterus begins to contract with great force, while the birth canal is still closed. Child of comfort gets literally to hell. Overlain food, and squeezed from all sides with incredible force. This point can be compared to the feeling of lack of access, the traps.
And here it is crucial to the way he was treated before her mother. If there is enough love and warmth, this test is transferred more easily.
If this period passes more or lesswell, the child receives the first in his life experience patience. Previously, he was in comfort, receiving the necessary nutrition, and now has lost it all. This is the first in the deprivation of a child's life. If the test goes well, then in the life of such a person is less likely to panic when the temporary hardships and troubles.
And if things were different? Then it is perceived as the collapse of the world, a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, guilt.
In most cases, the mother begins to feel panic at the time of the onset of labor. And unfortunately, this leads to the fact that the child is deprived of emotional support.
If this first experience goes badly, the feeling of being lost can remain for years to come. Here you can start to take the fear of enclosed spaces and some of our current problems.
Next opens the birth canal and the babyHe begins to move out. The feeling of hopelessness, if persists, is significantly mitigated, since the output appears. Contractions help the child to get out, but the child is making efforts to move closer to the exit.
This is the first and very valuable experience in fightingfor their existence and achieve the goal. And, in fact, how the child is in this way depends on many things in his future. If he successfully fighting for its existence, and that in his life he will behave the same way. If childbirth occur painful or that it is very important that the child feels that he is not welcome in this world, it can even prevent its progress. Then in real life, most likely, it will not be "punching" the man, and the very goal will associate him with the discomfort.
Finally, the child is born. And how he is met, too much depends.
The appearance of a bright symbol of the first in thelife goal. If he was greeted with warmth, love and care, then, in general, this test can be considered successful. If the child feels pain, cold and rejection, his first in a life experience has taught him: "What would you have not made an effort, nothing good will come of it."
The birth - the birth of a new world where everything is different. However, tests, drop the child remain with him for many years.
Usually, the birth process itself is considered something of a pathology that should be forgotten as a nightmare.
After all, he carries a lot of traumatic. In psychology, there is even the term "birth trauma", and some analysts are certain to see the cause of many problems in the process of birth.
But the birth of a human being hasthe other, positive side. The child receives the first in his life experience - the experience of action experience, achievement, partnership experience (during childbirth it is necessary to tailor its movement with external force, pushes it outward). He gets the first glimpse of the love and acceptance at the level of feelings and sensations.
It turns out that the first contact with itIt makes the world face the eternal philosophical questions and problems that we all somehow have to deal with. Love - hatred, the meaning of life, acceptance and rejection.
So it is worth considering whether the child is so naive and ignorant as it was accepted in our society.
Good luck to you, dear readers.

Andrei Prokofiev, a psychologist.

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