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Zurab Tsereteli. The wives of the Decembrists. The gates of fate

After the uprising of nobles December 14, 1825 eleven wives of the Decembrists went after their husbands in a distant Siberian exile. Not everyone is able to wait for the announced amnesty in 30 years.

The names of these selfless Russian women will forever remain in the memory of their contemporaries and descendants.

Their names went down in history

December 14, 1825 in St. Petersburg wasorganized a rebellion of noblemen against the tsarist autocracy. After his suppression of the five organizers were hanged, others were exiled to hard labor in Siberia or reduced to the ranks. The wives of the Decembrists eleven went after them in Siberian exile, parted with their relatives and deprived of all property and civil rights. Here are their names: Katherine Trubetskaya Mariya Volkonskaya, Alexander G. Muraveva, Pauline (Praskovya) Egorovna Gebl-Annenkov, Camilla P. Ivashov, Alexandra Ivanovna Davydova, Alexandra Yentaltseva, Elizabeth Naryshkin, Anna V. Rosen, Natalia Fonvizin, Maria Kazimirovna Yushnevsky. After the amnesty decree, which was released August 28, 1856 from exile with their husbands returned only five, three returned widowed, three died in Siberia.

The first "dekabristki"

Volkonskaia Maria - the daughter of the famous generalRajewski, great-granddaughter of University through the maternal line, one of the most beautiful and the most educated women of his era, the muse of Pushkin. She was younger than the rest of the wives of the Decembrists: when Mary Raevskaya in January 1825 married to Sergei Volkonsky, he was 37 and she was 19 years old. Widely known Nekrasov described the scene Goodbye Mary Volkonskaya with spouse Blagodatskikh on mine when she knelt and kissed his shackles.
Trubetskaya Catherine was born in a very richFrench emigre family, received an excellent education. Their marriage Sergei Trubetskoy was very happy, but childless. As it has been known Unlike Volkonskaya Troubetzkoy that her husband is a secret society. It was the first of the wives of the Decembrists received permission to go to Siberia. In Chita, in Trubetskoy, after 9 years of sterile marriage, first child was born. Katherine died in Irkutsk is just 2 years before reaching amnesty.
Universal has been a favorite of Alexander Muraviev. That it Decembrists Pushkin sent his poetic message: "In the depths of the Siberian ores ..." Sadly, Alexander died when she was only 28 years old. Her husband, Nikita Ants, grayer in 36 years - on the day of the death of his beloved wife.

These are similar and different fates

In many ways, similar to the fate of Pauline Gebl-Annenkova andCamilla Ivasheva. Both were French by nationality, the two served as governesses in families of their future husbands, the two were married with them already in Siberia. Only Pauline managed with her husband to wait for the amnesty and the return from exile, and Camille died in Siberia for 31 years.
Different formed and the fate of others"Decembrists." Alexander Rosen, Elizabeth Naryshkin and Natalia Fonvizin an amnesty after the return from exile, along with their husbands, Alexander Davydov, Alexander and Maria Yentaltseva Yushnevsky returned already widowed. But whatever the final of the life of each of them, all these women have earned great respect contemporaries and grateful memory of descendants.

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