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What were the wives of the Decembrists


Zurab Tsereteli. Wives of the Decembrists. The Gates of Doom</a>

After the suppression of the nobility's uprising on December 14, 1825, eleven wives of the Decembrists followed their husbands to a distant Siberian exile. Not everyone succeeded in awaiting the amnesty announced in 30 years.

The names of these selfless Russian women were forever remembered by their contemporaries and descendants.

Their names are included in the story

December 14, 1825 in St. Petersburg occurredAn organized uprising of the nobility against the tsarist autocracy. After its suppression, five organizers were hanged, the rest were exiled to hard labor in Siberia or demoted to the soldiers. The wives of eleven Decembrists followed them into the Siberian exile, parting with their relatives and deprived of all property and civil rights. Here are their names: Ekaterina Ivanovna Trubetskaya, Maria Nikolaevna Volkonskaya, Alexandra Grigorievna Muraveva, Polina (Praskovya) Yegorovna Gebl-Annenkova, Kamilla Petrovna Ivasheva, Alexandra Ivanovna Davydova, Alexandra Vasilievna Yentaltseva, Elizaveta Petrovna Naryshkina, Anna Vasilyevna Rozen, Natalia Dmitrievna Fonvizina, Maria Kazimirovna Yushnevskaya. After the decree on the amnesty, published August 28, 1856, only five returned from exile with their husbands, three returned as widows, three died in Siberia.

The first "Decembrists"

Maria Volkonskaya - the daughter of the famous generalRaevsky, Lomonosov's great-granddaughter on the maternal line, one of the most beautiful and educated women of his era, Pushkin's muse. She was younger than the other wives of the Decembrists: when Maria Raevskaya married in January 1825 with Sergei Volkonsky, he was 37, and she was 19 years old. Widely known is the scene described by Nekrasov of the meeting of Maria Volkonskaya with her husband at the Blagodatsky mine when she knelt and kissed his shackles.
Ekaterina Trubetskaya was born in a very richThe family of a French emigrant, received an excellent education. Their marriage with Sergei Trubetskoi was very happy, but childless. Unlike Volkonskaya, Trubetskoi knew that her husband was in a secret society. She was the first wife of the Decembrists to get permission to go to Siberia. In Chita near Trubetskoy, after 9 years of fruitless marriage, the first child was born. Ekaterina Ivanovna died in Irkutsk, only 2 years before the amnesty.
The general favorite was Alexandra Muraveva. It was with her that Pushkin sent the poetic message to the Decembrists: "In the depths of Siberian ores ..." Unfortunately, Alexandra died when she was only 28 years old. Her husband, Nikita Muravyov, turned gray at the age of 36 - the day of the death of his beloved wife.

Such similar and different destinies

In many respects similar to the fate of Polina Gebl-Annenkova andCamilla Ivasheva. Both were Frenchwomen by nationality, both served as governesses in the families of their future husbands, both were married with them already in Siberia. Only Polina managed to wait with her husband for an amnesty and return from exile, and Camilla died in Siberia at the age of 31.
The fate of others has developed in different ways«Decembrists». Alexandra Rosen, Elizabeth Naryshkina and Natalia Fonvizina returned from exile with their husbands, Alexander Davydov, Alexandra Yentaltseva and Maria Yushnevskaya returned as widows. But whatever the finale of the life of each of them, all these women deserve the great respect of contemporaries and the grateful memory of the descendants.

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