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What was on the World Food Festival in the "Hermitage"

What happened to the world food festival in the "Hermitage"

Just two days - 16 and 17 June 2012 - in the Moscow "Hermitage" garden festival is held the second global food and travel, organized by the "Around the World" editorial board.

The event was conceived so that the guests could symbolically touch the most famous attractions in the world, tasted national dishes in a thematic setting.

You will need

  • - A ticket to the Moscow garden "Hermitage".



Come into the garden "Hermitage". The organizers have divided it into particles "continents" with reduced copies of the attractions around the stalls and a "local" souvenirs. However, in the first place were, of course, the food, the more so because during a walk in the fresh air appetite appears!


Look at the "Europe". Representatives of this part of the garden offering guests marmalade and handmade chocolate, coffee, bruschetta (toasted slices of grilled bread with vegetables), pancakes, sausage-grilling, kvass and traditional Western meat delicacies. It played strolling musicians, mimes and were carried out in the game of chess.


Visit the "Asia". It attracted visitors 'Hermitage' rolls, noodles, vegetables and shrimp, cooked in the wok (a circular pan with a convex bottom) and a variety of tea - even white and turquoise! Ayurveda experts gave recommendations on nutrition. Here you can view the statue of Buddha, do yoga and belly dancing or book the mehendi session - drawing on the hands with henna patterns.


Pay attention to the "South America." This, above all, colorful Brazilian carnival, during which it was possible to try Fajitas (wrapped in a thin pancake meat) and Rodizio (several kinds of marinated and roasted meat) and look at the performances of capoeira professionals.


Do not forget to "North America", where the songs of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley offered every ice cream, milkshake and burger cooked on the coals.


Check out the "Africa". There's all the "Hermitage" came to the garden met shamans who performed rituals with dancing and drumming. Under this music listeners could appreciate cooked over a campfire sharp meat dishes - food hunters. And then you can make a hairstyle of African braids.

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