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How to wallpaper in fashion in 2013


What wallpapers in fashion in 2013</a>

Fashion in our lives concerns many things. It turns out that you can take into account trends even when choosing wallpapers for walls.

So what are they - fashionable wallpaper 2013?

Interior designers from all over the world recommend in2013, pay attention to wallpaper in pastel colors. They are ideal for any room. Even the tiniest room with them will visually appear more spacious.

No less relevant will be wallpapers with juicyOriginal drawings. The main trend among prints on colorful wallpaper was ethnic motifs, in particular African and Asian ornaments. All this looks quite original and funny, especially if the motives on the wallpaper echo with the interior details. Also in favor of large drawings on abstract subjects, contrasting strips, mainly vertical, and 3D-drawing.

Fashionable and good old floristics. Leaves, trees, flowers - all of them can be represented in various designs: both in a fairly calm, completely unattractive, and in too flashy.

Fashion feature of the 2013 season - the layout of monophonicWallpaper. In particular, the combination of gray and light green, black and yellow, white and red - color combinations can be several thousand, it all depends only on your taste and imagination. A similar situation with wallpaper textures. It is not necessary to make walls with the same surface. Designers are advised to arrange the most daring experiments! However, fashion is very changeable, so it is much more important when choosing wallpaper to take into account your taste and features of the room.

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