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WHAT wallpaper better, vinyl or non-woven

What are the best wallpapers: vinyl or non-woven

Changing the Wallpaper - perhaps the most important stagerepairs in the apartment, and therefore to their choice are especially carefully. Currently on the market a few different kinds of wallpaper is represented, among them especially popular paper, vinyl and non-woven.

The latter two types are the most popular.

To decide which to choose wallpaper - vinyl or non-woven, - you need to analyze the benefits of each.

Vinyl wallpaper: advantages

Vinyl wallpaper - two-layer. The use of paper or fabric, the upper and lower layer as - polyvinyl where there stamping or drawing. These wallpapers are particularly durable. If necessary, they can be easily washed and cleaned with alcohol or solvent. This material for the walls is indispensable for rooms with high humidity - kitchen and bath. However, vinyl wallcoverings have one drawback - they do not absorb moisture and air.
There are 3 types of these wallpapers:
- Washable vinyl
- Foamed vinyl
- Silk-screen printing.
Wallpapers of washing vinyl have a fairly highwater resistance, so that they can be used for bathrooms and kitchens. For gluing of the adhesive material used for heavy wallpapers. The last and need to smear the wall wallpaper themselves, and they have five minutes to soak them. However, it is important to prevent them from excessive wetting, as it is able to cause delamination.
The first layer of wallpaper consists of a silk-screen printingpaper, and the second - from vinyl silk threads. With such a material can significantly transform your home and make it a true work of art. And relief, and smooth vinyl wallpaper can display a different light that falls on them. This material is elastic, very pleasant to the touch and does not fade for a long time, but the cost is quite high.
Wallpaper from the foam vinyl also consist of 2layers - paper and special composition. Last in the manufacture of heat treated and thus forms a relief surface. These wallpapers are very dense, water-resistant, they are perfect disguise many of the shortcomings of the walls. Using the foam vinyl possible to simulate a ceramic tile, granite, leather, suede, marble, wood, different types of plaster and other surfaces. However, these wallpapers are best used in non-residential premises.

Non-woven wallpaper: the benefits

Unlike vinyl, non-woven wallpaperhomogeneous, they consist of only one layer. They are both self-colored and patterned. Such material can be used, and independent element of decor, and for painting. At the same time they may be covered with latex, latex or acrylic paint. Non-woven wallpaper are highly durable. In addition, they are very easy to use.
It is said that they do not need when glueingsmear glue, it only needs to be applied to the wall. Since the fleece is a natural material, pass moisture and "breathes", the wallpaper of it can be used in almost any room, even in the nursery.

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