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How to wallpaper better: vinyl or non-woven


Which wallpaper is better: vinyl or non-woven</a>

Change wallpaper - perhaps the most important stageRepair in the apartment, and therefore to their choice are treated particularly carefully. Currently, the market presents several different types of wallpaper, among which are particularly popular paper, vinyl and non-woven.

And the last two species are the most in demand.

To decide which wallpaper to choose - vinyl or non-woven - you need to analyze the benefits of each.

Vinyl wallpaper: advantages

Vinyl wallpaper - two-layer. As the bottom layer, paper or cloth is used, and the top layer is polyvinyl, on which there is an embossing or pattern. These wallpapers are very strong. If necessary, they can easily be washed, and also cleaned with alcohol or thinner. This material for wall decoration is indispensable for rooms with high humidity - kitchens and baths. However, vinyl wallpapers have one significant drawback - they do not let moisture and air pass.
There are 3 types of these wallpapers:
- washable vinyl-
- foamed vinyl-
- silk screen printing.
Wall-paper from washing vinyl have rather highMoisture resistance, so they can be used for bathrooms and kitchens. To glue this material is applied glue for heavy wallpaper. The last one needs to smear both the wall and the wallpaper, and they must soak in for five minutes. However, it is important not to allow their excessive wetting, as this can cause delamination.
The first layer of silkscreen wallpaper consists ofPaper, and the second - from vinyl with silk threads. With the help of such material it is possible to significantly transform your dwelling and make of it a real work of art. Both relief and smooth vinyl wallpapers are able to differently display the light that falls on them. Such material is elastic, very pleasant to the touch and does not fade for a long time, however its cost is quite high.
Foamed vinyl wallpapers also consist of 2Layers - paper and special composition. The latter is subjected to heat treatment during manufacturing and as a result forms a relief surface. Such wallpaper is very dense, waterproof, they perfectly mask many of the disadvantages of the walls. With the use of foamed vinyl it is possible to imitate ceramic tiles, granite, leather, suede, marble, wood, various types of plaster and other surfaces. However, such wallpaper is best used in non-residential premises.

Fleece wallpaper: advantages

In contrast to vinyl, non-woven wallpaperThey are composed of only one layer. They can be either monophonic or with a pattern. Such material can be used and an independent decor element, and under painting. At the same time, they can be covered with latex, water-based or acrylic paint. Non-woven wallpaper is characterized by high strength. In addition, they are very simple to use.
It is worth saying that when you do not need to glue themSmear glue, it is enough to apply it only on the wall. Since fleecele is a natural material, it passes moisture and "breathes", wallpaper from it can be used in almost any room, even in the children's room.

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