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WHAT vinyl wallpaper different from non-woven

Vinyl wallpapers

In the creation of the original interior spaces all matters - wall decor and furniture, the color and texture of the finishing materials.

Today, for the decoration of walls using different materials, including wallpaper.

Among samples of wallpaper can be seen sparklingall the different colors and textures of materials. However, there are a limited number of basic types of wallpaper - this paper, fabric, vinyl and non-woven.

Choosing whether different product, kindly get acquainted with their technical characteristics in order to understand, for example, than the vinyl wallpaper different from the non-woven.

Just need to warn you that quite often called vinyl wallpaper those made on a paper basis, but having a vinyl plating.


However, the reverse situation happens. In short, the manufacturer produces several types of this category Wallpaper:
- Non-woven,
- Vinyl,
- Having a paper basis, which applied vinyl, usually soft and porous deposition.
That last option, which is mixed, ordinary people often referred to as the non-woven, the vinyl.
Vinyl wallpaper are available for different stylessolutions that are used for arrangement of interior space. Wallpapers of this type have a variety of textures - a stone and plaster, tiles and silk, in contrast to the non-woven.
In addition, they are under the influence of the sun's rays do not fade, so are able to decorate the walls of the room more than a decade.

vinyl Disadvantages

Pearl effect, embossed surface, glitterand many other things that you can only imagine - it's all about the vinyl wallpaper. However, not every interior fits like very fussy decoration. In addition, one can not discount a certain bias of the population, it is not considered to be environmentally friendly, not "breathing" due to the use of vinyl.
Therefore, such a coating for the kitchen - ideal, but in the children's room can not recommend it.
As for the non-woven wallpaper, today they are found in their pure form are rare.

Fleece-backed - nonwoven material, based on cellulose fibers are held together by the polymer.

Most often, such wallpaper used for painting. Fleece-backed can not be washed, unlike vinyl trim. In addition, in the case of damage to fleece easily torn off, which is not too happy owners. In addition, the difference between the wallpaper is described and that the non-woven are much more expensive.
However, despite these features, each of which deserves attention of consumers.

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