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WHAT velor

Knitted suede

There are several varieties of velor, which are subdivided according to the starting material.

Various types of velor and particularly affect the purpose and methods of care products.

Velour - a fabric or leather with a thick pilefront surface. The name comes from the Latin «villosus», ie "hairy". The starting material and how to determine the type of treatment velor and its purpose.

Types of velor fabric

Knitted suede - a natural materialthe knitted, woven through with a pile of cotton with lycra. He runs perfectly and is ideal for clothing for children and clothes for the house. Knitted velvet long time loses its shape and not wrinkled, not stretched and does not fade. But its main advantage - it is comfortable to wear and beautiful in life. Wash on delicate cycle with no bleach can save the color and form of clothes for years to come.

Velour, velvet - soft fabric with a pile ofviscose silk crepe fabric-based. Because such material is custom made evening dresses, pants, coats, clothing for dancing and sports, theater curtains and curtains. Products utyuzhat ferry on weight.

Velour-mahr - pure cotton fiberwith the addition of a thin polyester yarn. The combination of velvety and soft velor, terry naturalness and strength fibers allows to manufacture home textiles. It towels, bathrobes, bed sheets, covers for mattresses. They have a high resistance to boiling.

Velours - pure wool fabric with a thick,korotkostrizhenym soft pile on the front side. For its production uses the best varieties of fine merino wool. It is one of the most valuable velor materials. Used for sewing of outer clothing and headdresses.

Furniture velor - upholstery fabric usedin the manufacture of furniture. The material for the production of furniture velvet fabric can be natural raw materials (cotton, wool) or synthetic fibers (polyamide and polyester yarns). To achieve the necessary fabric durability, a blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

After special treatment, can pile velorbe smooth, embossed, molded or embossed. Since furniture velor drape excellent, it is indispensable for processing by a furniture complex shapes. Velor upholstery clean with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. Prohibited abrasive cleaning agents and solvents are petroleum based.

Leather velor

Leather velor - durable material made from naturalmaterials. In its manufacture using the soft parts of a goat or pig skins. After mechanical polishing abrasives receive special characteristic velvety gloss to the treated side.

Often confused with suede leather suede, withwhose manufacture uses a deer or elk skins and treated on both sides. Consequently suede most resistant to moisture, strong and expensive. Despite the fact that the leather suede in many respects inferior suede, yet it is light, soft and elastic material. These qualities make it suitable for tailoring footwear, headwear, outerwear, haberdashery and covers for car seats.

Clothes made of suede leather should not be worn inrainy weather and at a temperature below 30 ° C. To make the water-resistant suede leather shoes need to handle special equipment. This can be emulsions or aerosols for footwear care velor. Clean dirt from suede leather products can only be in a dry state.

Fur velor

Fur velor - is dressed under the velor fleecefur pelt with brushed back side. Products from fur velor are called "sheepskin coat". Sheepskin coat should be protected from the weather repellent, dry away from heaters and protect against moths.

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