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WHAT vector marriage

What is a vector marriage

Astrology and the position of the stars, no matter how skeptics have argued to the contrary, for many years worked and influence today on people's lives.

The term "vector marriage" just refers to goroskopnym predictions.

Vector ring

Dependence in the relationship on a "master-servant" is considered not only from the point of view of psychology. This issue is astrology.
Astrologers have revealed a certain regularity inromantic relationships between members of different characters on the Eastern calendar. This pattern resulted in a certain structure, and became known as a vector ring. In its simplest form the ring is as follows: Rat - Horse - Wild boar - Dragon - Côte - Rooster - Dog - Bull - Tiger - Goat - Snake - Monkey - Rat.
The term "vector marriage" based on this structure.

In addition to the vector marriage as a patriarchal isolated, romantic and spiritual.


A vector is called the marriage a love union betweenrepresentatives of the signs of the zodiac, which are in the ratio of "master-servant". Looking at the vector ring, you can identify the location of the signs. One sign of that is to the left, is the "master", and the right - the "servant." The "boss" in the relationship always suppresses the "servant."
For example, for the "owner" of the dog sign rooster is a dog, in turn, the "boss" of the bull, etc.
Similar relations stand out against the otherits instability and confusion. Some astrologers, jokingly, to notice that the phrase "vector marriage" is an oxymoron, since marriage is common - it is primarily a symbol of stability and tranquility.


Quarrels and vector marriage misunderstandings occurmuch more than the peaceful settlement of quarrels. Especially hard for sign-servant, as a sign of the host does not allow him to develop. At that time, both in terms of the "master" everything happens exactly the opposite. On the other hand, if the "servant" will be able to get out of this marriage, it definitely feels more confident and achieve heights even in areas that were previously not subject to him.

Relationship "master-servant" typical for conventional unions, non-vector ring. At the same time the signs of these relationships are similar to symptoms of the vector marriage.

Astrologers advised to take a vector marriage as a vital test, passing a pair that is important to learn to put your "I" following the common interests and listen to the views of his companion.
Another characteristic feature of the vector marriage - jealousy. Both "spouse" experiencing great emotional and physical attraction to each other and do not want someone to share the other half.


Children vector marriage differ specialuncontrollability and imbalance. In a sense, they are a personification of the marriage of his parents. Even if all looks nice and peaceful, inner tension still influences the child's psyche.
These children need special approach and attention. Very often in the vector marriage are born creative.

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