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WHAT is vector marriage


What is vector marriage?</a>

Astrology and the position of the stars, no matter how skeptics claim the opposite, have for many years influenced and are still working on the destinies of people.

The concept of "vector marriage" just refers to horoscope predictions.

Vector ring

Dependence in relations under the "master-servant" scheme is considered not only from the point of view of psychology. This issue is also concerned with astrology.
Astrologers have revealed a certain pattern inLove relations between representatives of different signs on the Eastern calendar. This pattern has resulted in a certain structure and has become known as a vector ring. In a simplified form, the ring looks like this: Rat - Horse - Boar - Dragon - Cat - Rooster - Dog - Ox - Tiger - Goat - Snake - Monkey - Rat.
The concept of "vector marriage" is based on this structure.

In addition to vector marriage, the patriarchal, romantic and spiritual are also singled out.


Vector marriage is the love union betweenRepresentatives of those signs of the zodiac, which are in the ratio of "master servant". Looking at the vector ring, you can identify the location of the signs. The sign that is on the left is the "master," and on the right is the "servant." The "master" in the relationship always suppresses the "servant".
For example, for a dog's sign, the cock is the "master", and the dog in turn is the "master" of the bull, etc.
Such relations stand out against the background of othersIts instability and confusion. Some astrologers, jokingly, notice that the phrase "vector marriage" is an oxymoron, since ordinary marriage is first and foremost a symbol of stability and tranquility.


Quarrels and misunderstandings in vector marriage occurMuch more often than a peaceful settlement of the quarrels. Especially hard is the sign-servant, since the sign-master does not allow him to develop. At that time, as for the "master" everything happens with the exact opposite. But if the "servant" manages to get out of such a marriage, then he will necessarily feel more confident and will achieve heights even in those areas that previously were not subject to him.

The "master-servant" relationship is also characteristic of ordinary unions not associated with a vector ring. At the same time, the signs of these relations are similar to those of vector marriage.

Astrologers advise to perceive a vector marriage as a life test, which is important for a couple to learn to put their "I" below common interests and listen to the opinion of their companion.
Another characteristic feature of vector marriage is jealousy. Both "spouses" experience great emotional and physical attraction to each other and do not want to share a soul mate with someone.


Children in a vector marriage are differentUncontrollability and imbalance. In a sense, they carry in themselves the personifications of the marriage of their parents. Even if everything looks good and calm, the internal tension still affects the child's psyche.
These children need a special approach and increased attention. Very often it is in the vector marriage that creative individuals are born.

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