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WHAT valued coins of 1, 2 and 5 rubles 2003

The coins valued 1, 2 and 5 rubles 2003

Not everyone knows that the usual small Russiancoins have on the market is not the same value. Sometimes ordinary rubles, and "kopeck piece" are subject to serious bargaining and hundreds of times different price compared with nominal value, which possess.

An example is the coin of the year 2003 issue.

Dear consumer goods

Experts advise numismatist with specialcarefully examine the coins in 2003, as some of them are able to fairly and suddenly enrich the host. The reason for all - small issue with which, for example, in 2003, produced the usual one-, two- and five-ruble metal mint money the city of St. Petersburg. Later this prerogative was transferred to the Moscow organization, which was to carry out activities for the production of coins of this type of regular exhaust parties.
According to unofficial data of one-, two-, "St. Petersburg"and a five-ruble coins were issued from a couple hundred to a few thousand copies. That is why they are appreciated, but not withdrawn from circulation. Theoretically, a chance to find a coin of 2003, over the contents of his home piggy bank, everyone has.

Coins of 1999-2003. They do not belong to the category of the jubilee of money and have a completely normal everyday status.

The cost of coins

Each coin, which claims to be thevaluable, assessed individually, but there is a bit of a price, according to which some of the most expensive coins are ruble and the "five" in 2001. Their price can reach up to 100 thousand rubles apiece. The most expensive - a five-ruble coin of 1999, it costs about 200 000 rubles, but find it extremely difficult to reverse. Significantly cheaper coins St. Petersburg 2003, they cost from 10 000 to 25 000 rubles per piece depending on the state.
Numismatists estimate coin on several grounds. The most important is the mintmark (usually located under the left paw of the eagle), then look at the design of the edge - of the coin has a slight difference in the picture, as well as engraved on the edge. Important type of coin, the more it is worn, the less it will cost per coin market.
The test for the "quality" coins can be performed at home,just press it tightly to the carbon paper and print vote, if properly formed all embossing elements, then your coin can claim the high score.

For ruble coin in the bank today serves about 11 thousand rubles, dvuhrublevaya coin is worth no more than 8000, while its metal five-ruble note, you can rescue 5000.

The absence of the stigma is not a marriage, numismatistsbuy and such moneys, however, provided that the release date in 1999 or 2003. Of course, the cost is significantly reduced, nevertheless the denomination coins will be exceeded.

Who seeks shall find

Interestingly, the majority of collectioncopies were found and obtained by the treatment of ordinary citizens, randomly found similar values ​​in their wallets. The true rarity of coins due to the relatively small amount of such money issued into circulation.
If you happen to get the coin in 2003year, not in a hurry to get rid of such an interesting object, because these findings are assessed and accepted by some major banks for the cost, much higher than the face value.

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