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What is valued coins 1, 2 and 5 rubles in 2003


What are the values ​​of coins 1, 2 and 5 rubles of 2003</a>

Not everyone knows that the usual small RussianCoins do not have the same value on the market. Sometimes ordinary rubles and "kopecks" are the object of serious bargaining and are hundreds of times different in price compared to the nominal they have.

An example is the coins of the year 2003 issue.

Expensive consumer goods

Specialists of numismat consult with a specialCarefully examine the coins of 2003, because some of them are able to enrich the owner fairly and unexpectedly. The reason for all - a small circulation, with which, for example, in 2003, the usual one-, two- and five-ruble metal money was issued by the mint of the city of St. Petersburg. Later this prerogative was transferred to the Moscow organization, which began to carry out activities for the production of coins of this type by regular worked-out parties.
According to unofficial data from the "St. Petersburg" one-, two-And five-ruble coins were issued from a couple of hundred to several thousand copies. That is why they are valued, but not out of turnover. Theoretically, the chance to find a coin in 2003, having sorted out the contents of his home money box, is for everyone.

Coins of 1999-2003. Do not belong to the category of jubilee money and have quite normal everyday status.

The cost of coins

Each coin that claims to be rankedValuable, is estimated individually, but there is something like a price, according to which one of the most expensive coins are rubles and "five" of 2001. Their price can reach up to 100 thousand rubles apiece. The most expensive is the five-ruble coin of 1999, it costs about 200,000 rubles, but it is extremely difficult to find it in circulation. Significantly cheaper St. Petersburg coins in 2003, they cost from 10 000 to 25 000 rubles apiece depending on the state.
Numismatists estimate the coin on a number of grounds. The most important is the stamp of the mint (usually placed under the left paw of the eagle), then look at the design of the edge - some coins have minor differences in the drawing, as well as engraving on the edge. The type of coin is important, the more it is worn, the less is its value in the market of numismatists.
The test for "quality" of the coin can be carried out at home,Just press it firmly against the carbon paper and evaluate the impression, if all the elements of the coinage are printed, then your coin can claim a high rating.

For a ruble coin in the bank today, you will be offered about 11 thousand rubles, the two-ruble coin does not cost more than 8000, while for a metal five-ruble you can get 5 thousand.

The absence of stigma is not a marriage, numismatistsBuy and such banknotes, however, provided that the release date is 1999 or 2003. Of course, the cost is significantly reduced, however, the nominal value of the coin will be exceeded.

Who is looking for, he will find

It is interesting that most of the collectionCopies was found and received as a result of the treatment of ordinary citizens who accidentally discovered similar values ​​in their wallets. The true rarity of coins is explained by the relatively small amount of such money put into circulation.
If you were lucky enough to receive a coin of 2003Year, do not rush to get rid of such an interesting object, because such finds are estimated and accepted by some large banks for a cost significantly higher than the nominal value.

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