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WHAT Urbania

What Urbania

Today, you can often hear the word "Urbania", or "urbanization", which is used in various sectors - from industrial to cultural.

Its often used abroad, but in recent years it is increasingly heard in Russia.

What does this strange word, and it is connected with what processes?

Cities and the development of society

The term "Urbania" comes from the Latin word"Urbanus", which means "city". Urbana is the process of increasing the role of cities in the active development of society - so it is a prerequisite to the growth of urban industry, political and cultural functions, as well as the territorial division of labor. The main features of Urbania is moving in villages and small towns to big cities, where people get a job and bring in mega their cultural and community factors.
The reverse process, when people are moving from big cities to small towns and villages, called ruralisation.
In addition, urban processes occurthe formation of the broad areas of suburbs, the transformation of rural settlements in small towns and provincial migration to the cities. There is also the concept of "Urbania nature," which is associated with the transformation of the natural landscape into artificial landscapes. Urbania usually goes hand in hand with the majority of the political processes of government - so many historians believe urbanization and the evolution of the concepts of statehood interconnects.


Suburban Urbania or suburbanizationpresented the processes of growth and development of megacities suburbs that form in urban agglomerations. In the process of suburbanization greatly increased suburban population growth and human well-being. The result is the possibility of building homes "rural type" in clean suburban areas, where the much lower level of noise and air pollution, as well as a lot of greenery and calm atmosphere.
A feature of suburbanization is the fact that people continue to work in the big cities, living at the same time in the suburbs.
Suburban Urban today evaluated differentlyand not always positive, because commuters are highly dependent on cars due to the lack of public transport. It is disturbing and a large influx of people into the city, which is greater than the need for workers and contributes to unemployment and exacerbate many social and economic problems. Time travel suburban residents in the city provoke congestion, air pollution, loss of time and other problems, so the developed countries are trying to develop light rail routes in the suburbs and rail public transport.

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