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What is the update

The word "update" is derived from the English update, and means "renewal" ( "upgrade").

The concept is universal, but the most prevalent is it received in the computer environment to refer to processes of software updates.

software update

The update in the software environment isupdated version of the current software. This concept can be treated as computer applications and to mobile devices. The term "update" can be applied to the process of upgrading the operating system or firmware (on mobile platforms). As a rule, the update can be performed by means of the program through the appropriate menu item or system partition. Each developer that supports your software regularly releases new updates in order to maintain the stability of the program, correct any shortcomings and adding new features to improve user retention and the application itself.

the Internet

Update on the Internet refers to the data update,obtained by a search engine (search engine). Updating is carried out by re-scanning web pages and change the list of links, which are available on the website. These links are displayed on the results page at a time when the user uses a search engine query. After the update and new pages appear in search engines. The term "update" can be used both in terms of page layout and links, as well as against the individual update site elements (icons a favicon, the website domain, page position relative to other sites in the search results).

Other values

update key ( "Update") is widely used inprograms such as web browsers and media players. They are intended to update and re-scan output on the screen page or library. Often, this button is used in the Internet browser to reload a web page where the error occurred in the display of information.
The UPDATE statement is used in the language of SQL queriesto update the entries in a particular column of the table data. UPDATE allows you to update the changes made to the table with a view to making the necessary information into the database.
The term "update" (patch) is widely used inGames with a view to updating and making any changes to the game files. Update usually corrects errors in the game. Most often, patches are available to online games that do not always work consistently and in need of constant renewal or adjustment. The update can improve performance and usability.

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