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WHAT unhappy people differ from happy

The unhappy people differ from happy

Psychologists have long wondered why some people are happy, and the other - no.

Experiments and studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief, the circumstances in which a person is not so much affect his state of mind.

It turns out that happiness depends on the person.

Dependence on other people's opinions

Probably the first thing that differentiates happyhuman casualty - a tendency to rely on the opinions of others. When people recognize their own inner voice and penchant irrelevant factors, if it is guided around the fact that people say or authoritative dictates public opinion, it is, of course, makes him unhappy. It is impossible to meet the standards of a stranger, no matter how hard you try. As Oscar Wilde said, you have to be yourself, because other places are already occupied.
Understanding this point is peculiar happypeople. They build their lives in accordance with their own needs and do what they see fit. This does not mean lack of ability to compromise, it just goes to show in what way a happy man sets himself goals.


Yes, oddly enough, but not perfectionismIt contributes to happiness. It would seem, do their job as best as possible, unless it will bring satisfaction? But what would a man do, he never considers it good enough. In fact, a perfectionist does not understand that there is no place full perfection in the real world. He is closer to the dreamer than a realist. Empty dreams that do not come true, make a man miserable.
Happy people look at becoming more efficient. They understand that the solution to every problem involves a number of requirements to the quality of performance. It is important to match them, and if you do a little better, then proslyvesh excellent specialist. You can not jump over your head. When a person understands his success brings him joy.

Negative thinking

This is a very important factor. When a person is determined to see around just bad, it just did not notice the happy possibilities that gives him life. Sad thoughts anyone has not improved life. One becomes unhappy, in fact, it comes from his habit.
Happy people are arranged differently. They rejoice in every detail. Everywhere they see good opportunities and favorable circumstances, even in defeat and failure. Any failure, in their opinion, it is an opportunity to learn something and to do the next time it right.

Problems and solutions

Unhappy people think about their difficulties. They are ready to transfer the clock life's troubles, from time to time asking for that they fell all of these misfortunes? Happy people think differently. They see the problem instead of whining and reflect on how it can be solved. Moreover, after a solution is found, a man will do all that is necessary to implement it.
If you find at any signunhappy man, no need to get upset. Right now think about how to solve this problem. Go out to the lucky losers camp at any time, and it depends only on what you have in mind.

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