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WHAT unemployment

What is unemployment

Unemployment - a key macroeconomic indicator, which directly affects the rate of economic growth.

However, most people misunderstand the meaning of that term, implying the totality of the non-working population.

Consider what the unemployment rate from the point of view of economic theory.

First, you need to consider such an importantmacroeconomic indicator of employment. It is defined as the number of people older than 16 years, having a job. Hence the definition of unemployment. Unemployment - the number of people aged over 16 who do not have a job but are actively looking for it. The last clause is very important, because if a person can work, but does not take any effort, be unemployed, he will not. The totality of the unemployed and employed in economic theory called the labor force.

The main indicator of unemployment in the country isthe unemployment rate. Calculate it as follows. The number of unemployed is divided by the labor force, and then multiply by 100%.

There are the following types of unemployment:

  • structural - A kind of unemployment, which is directly linked to technological advances in the production, changing the structure of demand on the difficulties
  • Friction - Type of unemployment linked to the time spent on searching for a new job. On average, it lasts 1-3 mesyatsa-
  • seasonal - Unemployment due to seasonal demand for certain services. For example, in Santa costume Morozov-
  • institutional - This type of unemployment is directly dependent on the level of dissemination of information and the availability of new local workers
  • Cyclic - Unemployment, the level of which varies with the economic upturn or downturn. The main reason is the decrease in real GDP, as well as the release of the labor force.

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