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What types of snowmobiles are

What types of snowmobiles are

Far behind were the days when the main means of transportation on snow-covered areas are the so-called teams.

And fans of extreme winter sportsThey may also postpone their skis, because in the era of technology to replace the skiing and sledding has come completely new vehicle, called a snowmobile.

Snowmobile often called a motorized vehicle designed to move on snow-covered areas.
All snowmobiles are divided into four mainvarieties, each designed for a specific type of terrain and of certain types of trips. On this basis, snowmobiles are tourism, mining, utilitarian and sports.

secure snowmobiles

Tourist snowmobiles, as a rule,designed for a smooth and comfortable movement on previously groomed slopes, snow depth which is relatively small. They are equipped with heated seats, which are available in most cases, two - for the driver and passenger. Other positive qualities include inspiring size of the luggage compartment. The main disadvantages of this type of snowmobiles are their large size and weight, which is considered the main cause of the fall of the level of patency.
Another safe for beginners and amateurs viewssnowmobile - utilitarian. The advantages of snowmobiles may include a large number of storage compartments, as well as the presence of the tow bar, by which the snowmobile has the ability to tow heavy loads. On top of that, this kind of models are equipped with reverse and low gear. You can not mention a very high speed of the drawbacks of the snowmobile.

Utility snowmobiles are called vaydtraki. They are best suited for long trips in the lowland areas.

Snowmobiles for pros

Faster kind of snowmobile - mountain. This kind of snowmobile boasts excellent maneuverability in the mountains and in the forest, where the snow depth is awe-inspiring levels. High permeability provides a powerful engine, and long tracks. Such models are usually one seat.
And finally, the last type - sports. The name speaks for itself. These snowmobiles are designed for virtuosic runs and skating. They are usually equipped with a powerful engine, short tracks and one seats. Racing snowmobiles reach speeds up to 200 km / h.

There are also children's snowmobiles. They are compact and do not develop high velocities and calculated on the weight of not more than 50 kg.

If you want to choose for themselves a snowmobile, youyou must immediately decide on the use of the area, as well as to pay attention to important details such as the presence of a few seats and a large luggage compartment.

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