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What types of redevelopment require obtaining permits

What types of redevelopment require obtaining permits

Few people know, but in such a thing asredevelopment of apartments, include not only demolished the wall between the living room and a kitchen or installing arches instead of doors. By remodeling, according to the Housing Code, are works such as installation, migration and replacement of utilities, electric, plumbing or other equipment.

Therefore, before starting repairs, you need tobe sure to find out what documents are required for the re-planning, and what work can be carried out without prior approval from the relevant authorities.

What works for the redevelopment to be agreed

Most apartment owners, determined to makerepairs in the bathroom, installed showers, installation of which almost always requires the transfer tube and install additional devices to drain and shell transport. From these works, you must obtain permission to redevelop. Also requires the prior approval of the installation of electric stoves instead of gas. Today, many housewives prefer to cook on modern ceramic hob, not knowing that their installation instead of gas stoves should be coordinated with housing inspection.

What types of work do not need to coordinate with zhilinspektsiey

You should know that such a thing asremodeling, redecorating is not included, that is, wallpapering, changing the flooring and installation of false ceilings do not require any permits. Also, no approvals do not require assembly built-in furniture and plumbing replacement for the same. It can be carried out reinstallation of household electric ovens without permissions. More recently, do not require coordination of works such as the installation of protective nets, antennas and air conditioners on the facades of apartment buildings.

What is necessary to make out a notification procedure

There are several varietiesredevelopment, which do not require permits, however, notify the housing inspection to conduct such work is necessary. The list of works, to conduct which should be reported to the representatives zhilinspektsii include glazing of loggias and balconies, improvement of light in the apartment walls, which do not increase the load on the floors at home, as well as the rearrangement of plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom.

What types of exercise can not even re-planning agreement

Some of the changes relating to the redevelopmentapartment, can not be made by the current legislation. For example, owners of one-bedroom apartments, which are installed gas stoves, can not combine the kitchen with living room. Even setting instead of a doorway arch is prohibited by law. The door to the gasified room (kitchen) by the rules should be tightly closed. Illegal redevelopment will entail a lot of trouble, including a large fine.

It is also forbidden to carry radiators connected to the heating system obschedomovoy, balcony or loggia.

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