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What types of mixers are and what practical

What types of mixers are and what practical

Choosing a suitable mixer, it is important to consider not only its design and cost, but also ease of use, reliability and durability.

The fact that such products are generally rarely change, and hence they are more practical than the better.

Classic versions of mixers: convenient and reliable

One of the most common and familiarmixers - a dvuhventilnye model. Such a device has a hospitality valves to include hot and cold water, so, to select a suitable intensity and temperature of the water jet, it is necessary to perform a series of movements. It is not always convenient. But dvuhventilnye mixers allow to achieve a relatively small flow of water and high precision temperature control, so this model is very practical. An additional advantage of such models is that they are very reliable and durable, but if the unit breaks down and, it can be repaired with minimum effort, money and time.

Such models can be complemented by ceramicrubber pads or discs. If the water is hard or not too high quality and contains impurities, it is better to choose the second option. If it is very clean - the first.

Single-lever mixer is very convenient becauseIt allows you to quickly and easily turn on the water, if you have dirty hands, which is especially important in the kitchen. Moreover, you can even lift the lever elbow if no other choice. However, it should be noted that the flow rate and the water temperature when using such devices more difficult to adjust than with dvuhventilnyh models. People often include water at full capacity simply by raising the lever all the way up, and then adjust the temperature. If the house lives large family, the installation of the mixer may cause appreciable overrun of water.

What are modern mixers

One of the most interesting contemporary formsmixers - a model with a thermostat and pressure compensated. Such a device is complemented by two special handles that allow you to adjust the temperature and water pressure. Both handles are complemented numbers, so you can choose a very fine adjustments.

The advantage of this model is that it allows you to always maintain the desired temperature of the water, ie, you can configure the mixer once, and then only enable or disable it.

Unfortunately, the thermostat mixers arepractical only if they will be connected to a high-quality system of independent water supply. Firstly, these devices are expensive. Secondly, they are very complex, and therefore fail more quickly than simple dvuhventilnye model, and their repair is much more expensive. Third, these faucets are very much afraid of strong pressure drops in the system and poor quality of water.

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