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Parquet - this is one of the elements of architecture and decoration of the apartment.

If you decide to lay flooring at home, you should know what kind of flooring is there to you it will last longer.

There is a radial view of the parquet, which passes through a section of the barrel axis and tangential - runs parallel to the axis.

Radial parquet better strength and hardness. It is not longer subject to wear. This type of flooring is practically not subject to swelling, shrinkage and warpage. Available such as parquet boards, parquet boards, parquet riveting and mosaic set.

parquet - A strap whose length is from 150 to 450 mm, width of 30-60 mm. Each strap has an equity and an end of the groove.

Inlaid and mosaic parquet. These are small panels in the form of a square. Straps are covered with kraft paper from the front side, to protect against damage that can be easily removed when wet.

Artistic or palace set. It is made of fine wood - ash, oak, beech and walnut.

Wood panels- Dual-layer, square boards, measuring 400 by 400.

Parquet boards. As parquet boards - dual layer. The bottom layer is made of planed boards, and the top of the parquet blocks. Dimensions of the floorboard 1200-1800 mm and the width is up to 160 mm.

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