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What types of dolls are

What types of dolls are

Many people think that the doll - an ordinary toy, the main function of which is - to entertain children. But it is not so.

In the world of dolls is creating a kind of art.

Organizes exhibitions of dolls, some samples sold at auction for a lot of money, there is even a museum of dolls.

Obviously, a simple toy would not have attached so much importance.

Doll toy

The most common and familiar to the personkind of dolls. The history of these dolls goes far back into the past: in prehistoric times there are toys that are depicted in the form of spirits and deities of a particular tribe. By their appearance and structure were rather simple and primitive. The more complex and sophisticated doll appeared much later. The material for them was a different - often it was a porcelain or wood. Naturally, their cost was high, because sometimes at all was made of precious metals. These dolls were inherent in the higher segment of the population - the nobles. The peasant is content with little girls - sewn rag doll from scrap materials. It was only after the development of technology, namely the appearance of the polymer industry, the windows were familiar sight Doll. It's all sorts of Barbie, soldiers, robots. Also, there are dolls, animals, such as dinosaurs.

Doll Theatre

There is a special kind of theater - puppet. Instead of playing ordinary people-actors perform the main role there is a doll. They come in several forms: puppet, tablet dolls, finger puppets and dolls gloves. Puppets - doll is run with the help of thread. Usually it is made of wood. All parts are movable, so she moves in the representation as a real person. Tablet dolls man controls using a special tablet. On the dolls themselves have special handles by which and made their move. Finger puppets or dolls gloves - an indispensable thing for the entertainment of a child in the way. Write them is not difficult: it is enough to stick to the old glove any funny faces - and the doll is ready. This type, however, is more suitable for home theater.


These dolls are intended for moreadmiration and contemplation. Most often they are represented only in a single copy, of which the author worked for more than one month. Perhaps this is a special kind of art, because it can be used a variety of performance techniques and materials (porcelain, textiles, plastics of different temperatures). Some made it just for themselves, others - to the event. Part of the demand began to use such a doll collectors. Of course, each sample is not a cheap pleasure, and the presence of a doll at home is considered a sign of good taste the owner.

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