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How are the types of dolls come in?


What kinds of dolls are there?</a>

Many think that a doll is an ordinary toy, the main function of which is to entertain the child. But this is far from the case.

All over the world, making dolls is a kind of art.

Puppet shows are organized, some samples are sold at auctions for a lot of money, there are even museums of dolls.

Obviously, a simple toy would not be so important.


The most common and habitual for humansKind of dolls. The history of such dolls goes far into the past: even in prehistoric times there were such toys that were portrayed in the form of spirits and deities of a particular tribe. By their kind and structure, they were quite simple and primitive. More complex and sophisticated dolls appeared much later. The material for them was already different - often it was porcelain or wood. Naturally, their cost was high, because sometimes they were made from precious metals. Such dolls were inherent in the highest stratum of the population - the nobility. Peasant girls were content with small - sewing a rag doll from improvised materials. And only after the development of technology, namely, the emergence of the polymer industry, dolls appeared on showcases. It's all sorts of Barbie, soldiers, robots. Also there are animal dolls, for example, dinosaurs.

Doll in the theater

There is a special kind of theater - a puppet. Instead of playing ordinary actors, the main role is played by puppets. There are several types: puppets, tablet dolls, finger dolls and glove dolls. Puppets are dolls that are controlled with thread. Usually it is made of wood. All its parts are mobile, so in the view it moves like a real person. Tablet dolls man manages with a special tablet. On the dolls there are special handles, with the help of which their movement is carried out. Finger dolls or glove dolls are an indispensable thing for the child's fun on the road. Create them is not at all difficult: it's enough to paste some funny faces on an old glove-and the doll is ready. This type, however, is more suitable for home theater.

Author's doll

Such dolls are more likely only forAdmiration and contemplation. Most often they are presented only in one copy, over which the author has worked for more than one month. Perhaps, this is a special kind of art, because different techniques of performance and materials (porcelain, textiles, plastics of different temperatures) can be used. Some make it only for themselves, others - for exhibitions. Frequent demand began to use such dolls among collectors. Of course, each sample is not a cheap pleasure, and the presence of such a doll at home is considered a sign of a good taste of the owner.

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