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What types of aquarium filters

What types of aquarium filters

Aquarium - a small body of water in which live aquatic inhabitants.

To maintain the biological balance it using various tools and techniques.

One of these methods is the cleaning of the aquarium water with the help of filters.

For purifying water using specially designed for aquarium filters, which work by means of electric pumps. They are used in aquariums populated by a variety of fish species.

Types of filters

External hanging filter - plasticbox, folding of several sections that are outside of the aquarium. The principle of its operation is very simple: carried water from the tank, which then passes through the filter and back out. Visually, it is comparable to a waterfall.

Airlift filter - a small plasticcontainer, sometimes in form of a cylinder or a cube. Water enters the filter through a perforated lid under pressure then flows downward through the filtering material lying on the airlift and flows back into the aquarium. Such a filter is perfect for small aquariums, as to provide additional filtering.

The sponge filter - primitive, but the mostpopular type of filter, which consists of a perforated tube attached to it with foam cartridges. Contaminated water enters the filter is cleaned through the foam and comes back through the tube.

Depending on the type of filter, care is carriedaquarium. When used in mechanical cleaning filter material should always clean them. Chemical materials require periodic replacement, and biological filters only partially be replaced.

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