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What types of animals included in the Red Book

What types of animals included in the Red Book

Every year, the ecological situation in the world is getting worse. Various technological advances polluting, and this affects not only in humans but also in animals.

Their number is also prone to decrease.

For some very rare animal and the head of the Red Book.


Red Book - a list of animals and plants,which are threatened with extinction. There are regional, national and even international Red Books. Their primary task is to formulate a structured account of rare animals and plants, and on the basis of this list has to be used both theoretical and practical methods to address this problem.
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Types and Categories

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Now the Red Book of Russia are located about 500 species, which are divided into 10 categories:
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Amphibians - of all types is the smallest. Among the representatives of this category are, for example, Caucasian toad, newt Ussuri, Syrian spadefoot.
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Mammals - in contrast to the previous, thiscategory quite numerous: it has placed more than 80 species of animals: rodents (beaver, tarbagan, yellow steppe lemming) - Predators (cat manul, red wolf, Caucasian Otter) - pinnipeds (seals, walruses) - Cetaceans (gray dolphin, porpoise, a small whale) - solipeds (Przewalski's horse) - even-toed ungulates (reindeer, bighorn sheep, gazelle) - insectivores (Russian desman) - bats (small and large horseshoe bat, giant noctule).
Shellfish - oddly enough, but the Red Book is also quite a lot: different kinds of pearl (Smooth, Dahurian, Kuril) Horn stalk.
Insects - the book are about 90 species: aphodius mite, chafer smooth Woodman Caucasus.
Reptiles - in the book are included about 20 species and subspecies: squeaky gecko, lizard average, striped snake.
Birds - This category is not the largest, but it has a very large number of species and subspecies around 120: Dalmatian pelican, egret, greater flamingo.
Crustaceans - this category is a type of a 3: Deriugina king crab, crab mantis crab and Japanese.
Fish - more than 50 species and subspecies of fish (Kaluga sturgeon, European grayling), lamprey (Sea, Caspian and Ukrainian).
Worms - Red Book recorded 15 species, among which are the Zheleznyaka, Transcaucasian Eisenach, Motley Aphrodite.
Among the most famous animals listed in the Red Book, of course, you can specify the Amur tiger, polar bear, cat Manul.

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