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What type of soil is needed roses

What the soil needs to roses

Except for saline and swampy for growing roses will suit any soil.

However, the most comfortable queen of flowers feels good breathable, loose, fertile substrates.

Preparation of soil mixture

, You must determine the type of substrate in your garden and add the missing ingredients to create the perfect rose for growing soil.
If the soil crumbles easily in your hand, then itIt refers to the sandy type. She warms up quickly, well lets water and air, but contains few nutrients. To make it ideal for the flower, it is necessary to add one part of 2 parts of humus, 2 parts of crushed clay and one part by composting and humus.
Loamy soil crumbles, however, lumps,grappling together, do not stick together. This substrate is rich in nutrients, it is well passes and keeps the heat and water. To prepare the mixture for the loamy soil, you need to mix 3 parts sand to one part taken for turf ground, humus and compost.
If the soil is heavy, it slips into a tight ball, badbreathable and water, it cracks when dry, but rich in minerals, you are dealing with a type of clay. To make such a soil suitable for the cultivation of roses, it should be added 6 parts sand and one part compost, humus turf ground.
Using instead of humus, sod land andcompost vermicompost (vermicompost), you get a stronger effect. Bio-humus, which is the product of processing of organic substances by worms, beneficial effects on soil structure. And microorganisms that inhabit it, improve the quality of the substrate. In a third more biohumus humates than the once popular among gardeners rotted (at least 2 years) manure.

The acidity of the soil and the nutritional value

Ideal for roses is considered slightly acidic soil withacidity pH 5,5-6,5. You can change the acidity by adding peat, which has an acidic pH level. If your garden soil is alkaline, slightly acidify it by adding 2 parts peat. In acidic soil is necessary to make a pre-proizvestkovanny peat (mixed with lime in an amount of 100 g per bucket of peat).
Earlier in the earthen mixture necessarily addedfertilizer, growers now completely bypassed the use of their natural counterparts. For example, a formulation in granules HB101. It is a distillation of plants (pine, cypress, plantain, cedar). This fertilizer has a soft balanced action. It prevents disease and stimulates the immune system of the plant. Moreover, HB 101 contains the basic mineral elements - silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, sodium. About 10 pellets made in the landing pit for the first year of life provide an excellent survival rate of roses.

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