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What is the series "Witch Love"


What is the series "Witch Love"</a>

"Sorceress Love" is a Ukrainian TV series, which was released in 2008.

In the lead roles starred Inna Kapinos, Natalia Terekhova, Lyubov Tikhomirova and many other actors.

The news of the spell

All the events of the series "Sorceress Love" take placeIn a small village, remote from the city bustle. The main character Zhenya learns that her mother is seriously ill, and returns here. Returning the heroine is a big event for the villagers, she has many envious people who smile through her teeth. They envied her that she could break out into the big city and conquer him. Many people reacted to her with a grin, because she returned unmarried, but pregnant. When she returns home, she is given a small package, which is forbidden to be opened for the time being.

When she still decides to do it, the bundle lights up.

Everything happens very mysteriously ... Before comingZhenya home there is a disappearance of three urban tourist-scientists who came here for incomprehensible research. After the event with a bundle, Zhenya comes to his grandmother Zoya, who is a sorceress. Everyone in the village considers her an evil witch. The witch, after hearing the story with the bundle, tells her a terrible secret - her mother has a curse that can be removed by performing a certain rite on a full moon. The old woman warned Zhenya that for one month this spell would pass to her, and she would have to remain silent all this time, not revealing her secret to anyone.

Strange things in the village and the removal of the spell

Meanwhile, the whole village is going wrong -Cows bring black milk. An old acquaintance - Uncle Dima, who offers to sell his mother's house - visits the Wife. Zhenya does not agree. The sick Nina suddenly woke up to tell Zhenya that she would leave her native place.

Classmates Zhenya Feodor and Venya find in the museum photo, which depicts Zhenya.

Zhenya after her mother's words goes to her grandmother,She accompanies her. Vitya to Zhenya is not indifferent. Liza, Viti's wife, is tormented by jealousy, so she comes into the house to the wife and, in her absence, takes hair from her hairbrush. Again in the village there is a strange - the chickens are carried by eggs, similar to snake. The villagers believe that this is directly related to the arrival of Zhenya. Again, Dima comes to her, who urges to sell the house. Zhenya denies him, and he throws himself at her with his fists. Victor helps to understand this. Dima writes a statement to him to the police. Lisa conceives to bewitch her husband. In the village strange things are still happening, grandmother Zoya draws a sign near her house, after which she and her granddaughter make a mystery. Nina is recovering. Zhenya suffered a miscarriage.

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