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What episode "Spellbound Love"

What episode "Spellbound Love"

"Spellbound Love" - ​​Ukrainian TV series, which was published in 2008.

Starring Inna Kapinos, Natalya Terekhova, Love Tikhomirov and many other actors.

The news of the spell

All the events of the series "Spellbound Love" take placein a small village, far from the bustle of the city. The main character Eugene learns that her mother was seriously ill, and returned here. The return of the heroine is a great event for the villagers, she has a lot of envious people who smile through her teeth. We envied her that she was able to escape the big city and conquer it. Many reacted to it with a smile, as she returned unmarried but pregnant. When she returned home, she passed a small parcel, which prohibit open for the time being.

When she decides to do it, the parcel lights.

Everything happens quite mysteriously ... Before comingEugene's home the disappearance of the city's three tourist-scientists, who arrived here for obscure studies. After the events with a parcel Jack comes to his grandmother Zoe, which is a sorceress. Everyone in the village consider it an evil sorceress. Witch, after listening to the story with the package tells her terrible secret - her mother is a spell that can be removed, having made a ritual of the full moon. The old Zhenya warned that for one month this spell goes on it, and it must be silent all this time, without revealing his secret to anyone.

Strange things in the village, and the removal of the spell

Meanwhile, across the country going wrong -cows bring black milk. His wife visited by an old friend - Uncle Dima, who offers to sell his mother's house. Jack disagrees. Patient Nina suddenly woke up to tell my wife that she had left their homes.

Classmates Zhenya Fedor and Venia found in the photo museum, which depicts Jack.

Jack goes after his mother's words to his grandmother,Victor accompanies it. Victor indifferent to his wife. Lisa, Viti wife, tormented by jealousy, so she comes to the house to his wife, and in her absence takes hair from her hairbrush. Again, in the village there is a strange - hens lay eggs, similar to snake. The villagers believe that it is directly connected with the arrival of Eugene. Again it comes Dima, who urges to sell the house. Jack denies him, and he catches it with his fists. Victor helps to understand this. Dima writes on his statement to the police. Lisa conceives bewitch her husband. In the village on the - still strange things are happening, Zoe's grandmother draws near his home sign, after which she and her granddaughter makes the hidden sacrament. Nina recovers. Jack suffered a miscarriage.

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