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What TV series "Russian heiress"

What TV series "Russian heiress"

The series "Russian heiress" has appeared on television relatively recently - in 2012.

In its genre variety refers to the melodrama and a detective.

Some information about the show "Russian heiress"

Director of the series "Russian heiress"is Dmitry Kuzmin. The film stars well-known actors such as Anna Snatkina Catherine Vulichenko, Andrei Chernyshov, Vadim Andreev, Natalia Gvozdikova Kirill Grebenshchikov, Julia Takshina Angelina Korshunova, Arseniy Murzin, Marina Ivanova. The main character is a girl Catherine, which is not very happy. She lives in a cramped dorm room, her alcoholic father, her boyfriend she constantly changes. However, at one point, it becomes the owner of a huge inheritance which bequeathed her classmate after school went to live in America.

A short story series

Katya Schebetina and Glory Yunin - classmates,in love with each other on the ears. Glory - is a medical specialist. And here he was invited to work in America. The glory goes, and Kate is in Russian. She waits and waits, when he will call her to him, trying hard to shield themselves from a past relationship with Victor, who is sitting in prison. Victor Pashkin does not leave Kate alone, making it responsible for all your sins. Kate learns that she is pregnant, but her mother advised to stay with Victor, who is about to be released from prison. Kate, wanting to hide the pregnancy, leaving town. She gives birth to a sick child and for a long time can not see it.

She is looking for her son, and she came Victor intercepts a telegram about the death of Philip of Fame.

In one series Pashkin wants Kate outmarry him, to the inheritance, which Kate does not know, it was their general. He attacks Philip. Its beginning to look for in America. By that time, Kate learns about the legacy and wishes to Philip quickly went to the country to get the money. Money she really needed an operation on his son.

After the attack, Philip did not remember anything, so the inheritance can not get Kate.

Katie's father goes to the next bout, and sheIt works for him as a janitor to earn the boy's operation. Pashkin charms the directress orphanage, advises her to give the baby Kate. Irina L. was caught red-handed Shatrov, who actively helped Kate. All together (Katya, Inga - Shatrova daughter Katie and son) were supposed to go to the station, but the driver turned out to be the man who had attacked Philip. It turns out, he was hired Pashkina. Kate and Inga are not at the station, and in an abandoned basement. But they manage to escape. Later the girls helping Philip Catherine and all of life is going well.

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