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What is the series "Russian heiress"


What is the series "Russian heiress"</a>

The series "Russian heiress" appeared on TV screens relatively recently - in 2012.

In its genre variety refers to melodrama and detective.

Some information about the series "The Russian heiress"

Producer of the series "Russian heiress"Is Dmitry Kuzmin. The film features famous actors such as Anna Snatkina, Ekaterina Vulichenko, Andrei Chernyshov, Vadim Andreev, Natalya Gvozdikova, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Yulia Takshina, Angelina Korshunova, Arseniy Murzin, Marina Ivanova. The main heroine is the girl Catherine, who is not very happy. She lives in a cramped dorm room, her alcoholic father, her boyfriend constantly cheating on her. However, at one point she becomes the owner of a huge inheritance, which bequeathed her classmate, after school left to live in America.

A short plot of the series

Katya Shchebetina and Slava Yunin - classmates,In love with each other to the ears. Glory is already a medical specialist. And here he is invited to work in America. Glory is leaving, and Katya remains in Russia. She waits and waits for him to call her to him, strenuously trying to protect himself from his past relationship with Vitya, who is in prison. Vitya Pashkin does not leave Katya alone, makes her guilty in all her misdeeds. Katia learns that she is pregnant, but her mother advises to stay with Vitya, who is about to leave prison. Katya, wishing to hide her pregnancy, leaves the city. The girl gives birth to a sick kid and for a long time can not see him.

She is looking for her son, and Vitya intercepts the telegram that came to her about the death of Glory from Philip.

In one of the series, Pashkin wants Katya to leaveFor him to marry, so that the inheritance, which Katya does not yet know, was their common. He attacks Philip. They begin to look for him in America. By the time Katya learns of the inheritance, he wants Philip to go to this country as soon as possible to get money. She needed money for her son's operation.

After the attack, Philip does not remember anything, so Katya's legacy can not be obtained.

Katya's father goes into another binge, and sheWorks for him as a janitor to earn a boy for an operation. Pashkin falls in love with the head of the orphanage, discourages her from giving the child to Kate. Irina Lvovna was caught red-handed Shatrov, who actively helped Katya. All together (Katya, Inga - Shatrov's daughter and Katya's son) were to go to the station, but the driver was the man who attacked Philip. It turns out that he was hired by Pashkin. Katya and Inga are not at the station, but in an abandoned cellar. But they manage to escape. In the future, the girls are helped by Philip, and everything in Catherine's life is developing well.

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