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What is the series "Lovely deceivers"


What is the series "Lovely deceivers"</a>

"Lovely deceivers" - the American youth television series, which was published in 2010. The drama was based on the same name series of novels by Sarah Shepard.

The creators planned to release only 10 episodes, but the high ratings of the series influenced their decision to continue the fascinating story.

The plot of the first season of "Lovely Deceivers"

The series tells about four attractiveGirls. Hannah, Spencer, Aria and Emily have been friends for a long time. They live in neighboring houses and share with each other all the secrets. In the area, they have proven themselves as true liars.

Events unfold when mysteriousThe way their common girlfriend Alison disappears. Girls stop talking. A year later, each heroine receives a strange anonymous letter with the signature "A". The girls decide to unite again. They understand that someone is dedicated to their most terrible secrets, which only Alison knew. In addition, the sender of letters threatens to tell the whole city about what the four are hiding.

In addition to the main story, every heroine of the television series has its own unique story.

The plot of the second season of "Lovely Deceivers"

The story of four girlfriends continues. Confident young women feel like ordinary schoolgirls, to whom someone is trying to teach a lesson. They are followed, so the girls begin to investigate all the incidents that have happened in their lives recently.

Girlfriends suspect everyone around. By any methods they try to find out the identity of the anonym. Finally, their efforts bring results. The anonymous author is calculated. It turns out that letters to the girls were written by Melissa - Sister Spencer. Melissa always hated Alison because she humiliated her.

The plot of the second season is quite unpredictable. It turns out that the sweet deceivers have too many ill-wishers.

The plot of the third season of "Lovely Deceivers"

Exposing the anonym, the girls calm down. They think that an unpleasant story has ended forever. Friends remember their personal lives and are just beginning to equip it, as a new message with threats comes, signed by the same "A".

The girls resume the investigation. Now they are looking for answers to new questions. What is hidden by the policeman Garett, who is trusted by the main characters? Maybe he was involved in the murder of Alison?

The plot of the fourth season of "Lovely Deceivers"

The intrigue continues. The life of young and attractive girls is very unpredictable and exciting. Each of them has a mysterious past. Unexpected discoveries, night walks, unplanned meetings, interesting discoveries - all this viewer will see in season 4 of the series. The main characters reveal their terrible secrets and in the final they will know who became the new anonymous author.

But this is not the end of the story. The fifth season of "Sweet deceivers" is expected in June 2014.

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