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What TV series My Prechistenka

The series "My Prechistenka"

Film "My Prechistenka" lovers of Russian historical series.

Within a few days, you can keep track of their favorite characters, watch how the their lives against the backdrop of the dramatic events of Russia.

The structure and the beginning of the series

"My Prechistenka" consists of two parts. 16 has first and second - 11 series.

Begins movie and series 1 and meeting expectationsNew Year 1900. The assembled nobles were interested to know what awaits them in the new century. To this end, it was decided to hold a divination, which caused Nostradamus. Great soothsayer told that the country can expect a sad event. Then, in these words, few believed.
However, the heroes of "My Prechistenka" series hadsee this for yourself. To capture the atmosphere of the time, artistic frames intertwined with the chronicle. She goes for a few seconds and helps to create a complete picture of the life of people of the XX century.

TV series Heroes and its contents

Kinopovest tells of three officers - Alexander, Paul and George. They all live in Prechistenka.

With Georges friends not seen for several years, during which time he managed to marry Clara and was very happy.
George and his young wife lived in the same house where he lived with his parents, Alexander. In the same courtyard live Nastya - a beautiful girl from a poor family. When she was orphaned, it took to his nobles.
During the celebration of New Year 1900 Gentlemen,began to run fireworks, spark ignited the hay, and started a fire that spread to the house. Tenants rescued, but on the top floor remained Anastasia. Alexander helped her out, and the fire spread to the fire in their souls - young people love each other.
But Alex had to make an offer to his sisterPaul - Sofia, however, fell in love with another. To stand up for the honor of the sisters, Paul called his friend to a duel and wounded him. But friendship was not to be upset. When the pre-revolutionary unrest began and Paul hurt, Alex took him to the hospital and saved.
Love protagonists - Alexander and Anastasia - has gone through many years, he has overcome the troubled times.
Love George and Clara was not so strong. Women are more like his acting craft. She has been wooing fans, but then a lot has changed.
The film shows not only the events of the October Revolution, and the Great Patriotic War.
The series can be seen for several generations of people. In place of the main characters come to their children and grandchildren. Kinorasskaz end 2001.
Almost all the time this tale, participants live on Prechistenka street. As they change, the house, the yard can also be observed, watching the film.
In the film plays a lot of famous actors. A few pleasant evenings viewers who will be watching the development of events with the participation of your favorite artists, guaranteed.

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