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About what the series "Long Way Home"


About what the series "Long Way Home"</a>

Russian cinema for a long time was considered dying, because, according to critics, few pictures could surprise and please the viewer.

But now the situation is getting better.

Lately a lot of good serials have been released, one of which will be "The Long Way Home."

About actors and planned shootings

The series "Long way home" can be attributed toDramatic direction of cinematography, it was filmed in Russia. More precisely, for shooting, the most interesting corners of this country are covered. The first shootings of the series took place in the Yaroslavl region, in the village of Dievo-Gorodishche.

Further it is planned to continue shooting in Yaroslavl, in Moscow, even in remote places of Ukraine.

Several series of paintings have already been filmed, four accuratelyCan already be viewed in online mode on various Internet sites. The film is directed by the talented girl Olga Dobrova-Kulikova. It is planned to remove only 16 series. The premiere of the series will be held in mid-2014, everyone who is interested in family dramas will find out about it.
Broadcast the series will be "The First Channel". Filming is strictly according to the scenario of Tatiana Artseulova. The actors who starred in the film are all famous, many of them perform serious major roles in other Russian films: Mikhail Evlanov, Alexander Lazarev, Jr., Daria Moroz, Evgenia Brik, Evgeny Galushko, Mikhail Pshenichny, Kristina Kirillova, Elizaveta Boyarskaya. In the episodes will also feature other famous personalities.

The plot of the series "Long Way Home"

The main theme reflected in the series isA feeling of great, but unrequited love. It's about an ordinary girl, who is not burdened with anything, in addition to everyday problems at home and at work. The main character is very attractive, fairly smart, young. The actress is chosen very carefully and completely matches her own image.

The main role is played by Daria Moroz.

The heroine in the film is actively courted by variousMen, both simple students-romantics, and wealthy individuals. She dreams of a great love, of a family, of what will raise a child. Almost every modern girl dreams about this. And in an instant everything in the life of the heroine turns around - she falls madly in love with a young man. Do not attract her those who followed her running, but a rich young boy who came from another city, very fond of. She does not see in him any bad traits, he seems to her ideal. That same prince on a white horse, which she dreamed of for many years. A young girl starts to find out who he is, where he has come from, his position in society. Everything that the heroine learns about him suits her, and she falls in love with him even more. However, it turns out to be completely inaccessible, too heavy prey. She is ready to do anything to win his heart. As a result, there are two ways before her - to leave with him, throw everything, or stay ...

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