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What TV series "Long Way Home"

What TV series "Long Way Home"

Russian cinema for a long time was considered a dying, because, according to critics, few pictures could surprise and please the viewer.

But now the situation is getting better.

In recent years, it produced many good series, one of which is "The Long Way Home."

On actors and planned filming

The series "Long Way Home" can be attributed todramatic direction of cinematography, it is shot in Russia. More specifically, for the filming covered most interesting corners of the country. The first shot of the series took place in the Yaroslavl region, in the village of Diev-Mound.

Further it is planned to continue shooting in Yaroslavl, Moscow, even in remote areas of Ukraine.

Several series of pictures already shot, exactly fourit is already possible to see on-line on various Internet sites. The film is a talented girl Olga Dobrova-Kulikov. It is planned to remove a total of 16 episodes. The premiere of the show will be held in mid-2014, finds out anyone who is interested the family drama.
Syndicate this series will be "First Channel". The shooting is being strictly scripted Artseulova Tatiana. Actor, starring in the film, all known, many of them carry a serious role in other major Russian films: Michael Evlanov, Alexander Lazarev Jr., Daria Moroz, Evgeniya Brik, Eugene Galushko Mikhail Wheat, Christina Kirillov, Elizabeth Boyar. The episodes will be featured, and other famous personalities.

The plot of the series "Long Way Home"

The main theme, reflected in the series isfeeling of great, but unrequited love. This is an ordinary girl who does not burdened, in addition to everyday problems at home and at work. The main character is very attractive, pretty smart, young. The actress chosen very carefully and completely matches your image.

The main role is played by Darya Moroz.

For the heroine in the film actively caring differentmen are simple, romance, students, and wealthy individual. She dreams of a great love, about family, that will raise the child. This dream of almost every modern girl. And in an instant all the heroine of life is flipped - she falls madly in love in a young man. Not attracted to her, those who ran after her, but rich young boy, who came from out of town, very liked. She did not see him any bad traits, it seems to her ideal. The same prince on a white horse, which she had dreamed of for many years. A young girl begins to find out who he is, from what places arrived, his position in society. All that know about it the heroine, it is large enough, and it is even more falls in love with him. However, it is quite inaccessible, too heavy prey. She is ready to do anything to win his heart. As a result, before it gets two ways - to go with him, all leaving, or stay ...

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