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What TV series "Defective Detective"

What TV series "Defective Detective"

The television series "Defective Detective" -one of the most popular detective TV show in which viewers are attracted not only the complexity and logic to solve crimes, but also paradoxical personality of the protagonist - a former cop Adrian Monk.

The original detective

The detective genre is not suffering from a lack ofpopularity, and, of course, enjoys the constant attention of the writers of television shows. However, a huge amount of repetitive protagonists differ incredible wit and insight, beauty, wealth, and the complete absence of flaws, few viewers pall. In time catching changing trends, screenwriter Andy Brekman created a fundamentally new version of the detective series, in which the protagonist is almost helpless in real life, which has, nevertheless, an incredible talent for the investigation of crimes.

The total number of phobias Adrian Monk is 312. Among them are widespread fears of heights or the dark and exotic, such as panic fear of germs.

"Defective Detective" (original title«Monk») is considered comedy series, but in fact affected by it problems are not always caused laughter in the audience. In the end, most of the episodes devoted to homicide, and the storyline TV shows regarding the death of the wife of the protagonist, is also quite grim and tragic. However, the funniest moments in the show enough, and most of them connected with the personal problems of Adrian Monk.

Defects of the protagonist

The plot of the story is that one of theEmployees San Francisco Police - Detective Adrian Monk lost his wife, became a victim of a contract killing. Her car was blown up, and Monk believed that Trudy was killed by mistake, and the bomb is actually meant to him. The experience caused him severe nervous breakdown, leaving Adrian left the service and more than three years did not leave the house. Nurse to care for him, at the end of Sharon Fleming all, able to ensure that Monk was able to go out, but because of the obsessive pursuit of his phobias Adrian Monk is still able to lead a fulfilling life independently.
However, Monk starts to work asprivate investigator and consultant police. His former colleagues, led by Captain Leland Police Stottlmayerom refer to Adrian with a mixture of admiration and bewilderment, not always understand the train of thought detective and motives of his actions. Also in the investigation takes an active part and Sharon Fleming, playing, in addition to the duties of a nurse, the role of Monk's assistant. Revealing the crime after crime, Adrian still hopes to find the killer of his wife, but the solution always eludes him.

Artist starring Tony Shalhoub, won several awards Screen Actors Guild, "Amy" and "Golden Globe" Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

The series differs sufficiently bright atmosphere,where sadness diluted quite vulgar humor, so it is suitable, in particular, and for family viewing. In addition, the undoubted advantage can be considered the fact that the audience is given the opportunity to solve a crime, because all the clues are in plain sight. It highlights, among many other television series detective shows in which to save the plot tension correct answer often lies to the very end of the episode. TV show demonstrated for 8 seasons from 2002 to 2009.

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