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What is the series "Defective detective"?


What is the series "Defective detective"?</a>

The television series "Defective detective"One of the most popular detective TV shows in which spectators are attracted not only by the complexity and logic of the crimes being revealed, but also the paradoxical personality of the protagonist - the former police officer Adrian Monk.

The original detective

Detective genre does not suffer from lackPopularity, and, naturally, enjoys the constant attention of screenwriters of television shows. However, a huge number of monotonous protagonists, distinguished by an incredible intelligence and insight, beauty, wealth and complete lack of flaws, palled the audience a little. Having caught the change of trends in time, scriptwriter Andy Breckman created a fundamentally new version of the detective series, in which the protagonist is practically helpless in real life, who still has an incredible talent for investigating crimes.

The total number of phobias of Adrian Monk is 312. Among them are common fears of height or darkness, and exotic, for example, panic fear of microbes.

"Defective detective" (original name"Monk") is considered a comedy series, but in fact the problems involved in it do not always cause laughter in the viewer. In the end, most of the episodes are devoted to the investigation of murders, and the main storyline of the TV show, concerning the death of the main character's wife, is also rather gloomy and tragic. However, there are enough funny moments in the series, and most of them are connected with the personal problems of Adrian Monk.

Defects of the main character

The plot of history is that one of theSan Francisco police officers - Detective Adrian Monk lost his wife, who was the victim of a contract murder. Her car was blown up, and Monk believed that Trudi was killed by mistake, and the bomb was really meant for him. Experiences caused him a severe nervous breakdown, as a result of which Adrian left the service and more than three years did not leave the house at all. Caregiver nurse Sharon Fleming, after all, was able to achieve that Monk was able to go out, but because of his obsessive obsessive phobias, Adrian Monk is still unable to lead a full life on his own.
Nevertheless, Monk begins to work as aA private detective and a police adviser. His former colleagues, led by police captain Liland Stottlemeyer, refer to Adrian with a mixture of admiration and bewilderment, not always understanding the detective's motives and motives. Also in the investigations, Sharon Fleming takes an active part, playing, besides the duties of a nurse, the role of Monk's assistant. Revealing the crime for a crime, Adrian does not lose hope to find the murderer of his wife, but the solution all the time eludes him.

The lead role, Tony Chalub, received several awards from the Screen Actors Guild of America, Emmy and Golden Globe, as the best actor in the comedy series.

The series is quite bright atmosphere,Where sadness is diluted with absolutely no vulgar humor, so it is suitable, including, for family viewing. In addition, the undoubted merit can be considered the fact that the viewer is given the opportunity to solve the crime himself, because all the tips are in sight. This highlights the television series among many other detective shows in which the correct answer is often hidden until the very end of the episode to preserve the plot tension. The TV show was shown during 8 seasons from 2002 to 2009.

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