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What TV series "Daddy" and as it runs

What TV series "Daddy" and as it runs

The series "Papa" is the Russian-Ukrainian project.

It was established in 2011. series The idea belongs to Vladimir Zelensky.

He is known for a number of other films: "matchmakers," "Tales Mityaya".

The series "Papa"

In the comedy series touched upon fathers andchildren, or rather - fathers and daughters. The plot is revealed over 16 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes. Adventure comedy first to see the people of Ukraine. Broadcast of the series started on 13 February 2012. The Russian audience saw a picture of a little later - February 23, 2012 at the First Channel.

Leonid Mazor - director of the film, known forother works: "Luba, children and the plant», «All this sudden", "Doctor Tyrsa". Most of the picture was filmed in the village Bakovka. A very long and carefully chosen cast, especially playing the main roles.

It was necessary to bring to the screen a series of contradictory characters, because the director had a long time to select the actors.

The content of the picture

Innocent Bochkin - the protagonist of the series. He played Sergei Gazarov. The actor is known for the audience on the following works: "The Turkish Gambit", "Doctor Zhivago." Innocent Bochkin engaged in forgery of paintings by famous artists, for which he lost his freedom. In prison, he spent 20 years. Moreover, the court ruled his unjust sentence. Over the years it has grown daughter, who followed in the footsteps of his father, inherited from his love of painting and art. She became an expert in the Flemish masters. All these years, the girl raised her stepfather - a police lieutenant colonel Vasily Tuchkov. Its role played Roman Madyanov. The actor previously played in the film "Poor Sasha", "Nastya", "Wild Field".

According to the story the picture, it Tuchkov onceBochkin sent to prison for fraud. After his release, his father wanted to get closer to his daughter, Nastya, so decided to gamble. He pretended to be an art critic, who came from Siberia to collect information for writing a thesis. And under this pretext, he wormed his way into the confidence of the infusion. Bochkin even staged an accident to the girl of his sheltered at home because of the guilt and compassion.
Natalia Nozdrina played the role of the very Nasty. She managed to reveal the lyrical image of the heroine. During the filming of the actress I am very much attached to his stage fathers could experience the real feeling of the child.

On the set of the protagonists called each other father and daughter.

How many outstanding actors played onsupporting roles: Tatyana Dogileva Irina Byakova Valery Afanasiev, Dmitrii Muhamedov. This tale of two fathers and daughters became interesting not only to people of middle age, but the younger generation. The rich experience of the actors, their skills have helped to get used to the images and open them from all sides.

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