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What TV series "Black Crow"

What TV series "Black Crow"

Popular Russian TV series "Black Raven" is an epic story that spans over half a century, since 1950, a year and ending with the present.

He won the hearts of a huge audience, which followed the ups and downs of life and mystical story "Black Crow" with the same interest.

So what tells the viewer the original series?

Description and content of the series plot

The television series "Black Raven" is built on the fate oftwo women, one name baptized and born of the same father (but they are not twins) - Tatiana Zakharzhevskaya and Tatiana Larina-Pribludovoy. They live peacefully, unaware of each other's existence, and not even realizing that they are destined to meet. The story of their birth is associated with witchcraft and black magic - a hereditary witch decides to transfer all their future gift to her granddaughter, father to which it decides to choose itself.

The basis of the script "Black Crow" became a popular trilogy Dmitry Veresova - "Black Crow", "Crow's Nest" and "Flight of the Crow."

The choice falls on the witch Alexei - nephewelderly husband of her daughter Ada, who, however, indifferent attitude to the very Hell. However, with the plots and omens women manage to ignite the spark of Hell and conceives a daughter of Alexis. In fatal accidents the man learns that it conjured, frightened and hurriedly leaves the home of Ada to the woman, whom he had met before. After a while Alex gets on a slippery slope and dies. Nine months later, Ada and a woman give birth Alexey girls called Tatiana. Their fate and described in the TV series "Black Crow".

Main characters

Tatiana Zakharzhevskaya rose all ready,when she could buy anything, she's smart, enterprising and business woman who knows how to manipulate people. Tatiana Pribludova is its exact opposite - it is good, naive, working at a construction site, but quite clever. She moonlights as a private repair, meeting during one of them, her future husband. Ivan - a talented poet and, concurrently, infantile mama's boy who falls in love at first sight in the Tanya.

Married to Tatyana against the will of their parents, Ivan begins to drink, dooming his young wife in the years of struggle against drunkenness husband.

Tatiana Zakharzhevskaya marries anotherhis older brothers - Paul, who is kind, caring and honest person. Her grandmother, the same hereditary witch watches granddaughter lives at a distance, as all the rituals used in omens Alexei, a negative impact on its relations with Tatiana. Blood sisters never meet each other, even though their fates are intertwined in a most peculiar and mysterious way - however, as the fate of their loved ones. What awaits the two Tatiana and whether they are destined to learn about each other?

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