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How to choose a trimmer

Trimmer is the most convenient solution for mowing grass in hard to reach areas of lawn.

To select a suitable trimmer, you need to know its characteristics - it will help to define the model.

Types trimmers

There are two types of trim - and the lowertop-engine. Units with lower arrangement are designed for soft grass, and its regular trimming. Wet grass can not be mowed so trimmers, besides they often need to rest. The units are equipped with top thick fishing line, which can mow wet, thick or tall grass. They are more powerful, but at the same time and more expensive.

High power and rapid acceleration trimmers needed for maximum efficiency in the work.

Also trimmers are divided into electrical andrechargeable. The first type of electric motor is practically silent, environmentally friendly and switched on at the touch of a button. However, they need a long network cable power, which limits the freedom of action and can get under the knife trimmer. Also, electric trim tabs are not cope very well with thick stems mowing weeds and thick grass.
Trimmers, equipped with a battery, do not needin constant communication with a source of power, however, per day may be used only for 20-30 minutes. The rest of the low-power, heavy and capricious in operation trimmer battery will be recharged on.

Features trim

First and foremost you need to decide for whatpurposes trimmer will be used. If it is necessary for cutting weeds or hay should gain professional petrol unit. The cutting head should be chosen, given the plantations in the territory - if the shrubs, stones or fruit trees is better to choose the trimmer with the cutting line. In the absence of these factors is ideal trimmer with a metal knife.

Handle knives territory with trees and stones can not be, because the high risk of failure of the unit and damage the trees.

In addition, it is necessary when choosing the trimmerguided by its weight - in relation to its power unit must weigh as little as possible. Trimmer also must be equipped with an efficient vibration dampening system, minimizing vibration parts, which the operator touches the trimmer. The engine is a good trimmer has to be installed a device that reduces the emission of harmful substances into the environment, and the unit the engine must be started quickly and easily.

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