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Blooming garden

Some gardeners are very experienced due to the fact that their country house is situated in the shade, and in the garden a lot of shady places.

But many dream of a flourishing garden.

In fact, there are many flowering plants, which are suitable for a shady garden.



Best of all in the shadow of the hosts feel theybloom in July and August, and their white, lilac and purple flowers are very similar to lilies. Tails grow rapidly and does not whimsical. At one point they can grow for years. It hosts the soil is not particularly demanding, but it is better still developing on the fertile, loose and moderately humid lands.


Tall good hosts to surround the primroses, they are planted in a circle in two or three rows, and when the spring leaves have yet to begin to make its way out of the ground, the flowers will decorate your garden primrose.


Not far from the host can be planted saxifrage tolstolisty, its broad leathery leaves in spring and autumn acquire a beautiful crimson, and purple flowers are disclosed in April and pleasing to the eye.


In the shady garden corners well take root foxglove and monkshood. Foxglove blooms in July and August, and aconite bloom in August or September.


Near good host will grow colorful Corydalis, they also bloom in early spring.


Good will feel in the shade of bright anemone, hellebore, lilies and hepatica. And alongside these wild flowers will grow well such bulbs as Fritillaria imperialis and Fritillaria Meleagris.


In areas with partial shading will bloom well these kinds of roses, like a tiger, Japanese or golden.


Lightweight fabric is the best place for the rhododendrons, which in the spring will decorate your garden with bright colors, and in the autumn will delight their eyes bright foliage.

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