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What toys Zubs differ from Bakuganov


What toys Zubs differ from Bakuganov</a>

Modern toys are diverse and rich in collections.

One of the most popular today are the Zugs and Bakugans.

However, despite the fact that they are now flooded with all the shops, many buyers are wondering: what is the difference between them.

After all, in fact, these toys are almost the same.

Bakugans and Zugs are smallMonsters that fold and open with a certain impact on them: when you touch the magnetic pad, when you hit a hard surface, for example, when throwing, etc. Despite their similarities in the principle of action, these toys differ from each other.


Bakugan - in translation from the Japanese combat monster,Revealing its essence and true strength during the battle. By itself, Bakugan represents a ball, consisting of a monster and a stand. Bulb Bakugan contains the body of a whole monster, which has wings, and much more. The advantageous difference between Bakugan and other toys is that it combines several types of toys, and also easily fits in the palm of the child.

Experts argue that it is the size of the palm which is optimal for a child aged 6-9 years. Although in practice children begin to play in Bakuganov earlier - and from 4 years.

Also Bakugans are colorful and have differentSize and filling, so that they can be collected. In addition, each ball hides different characters, which are revealed only under certain conditions. The mechanism of opening Bakugan is a small spring, which is activated when it comes into contact with a magnet. Due to this, it is possible to conduct whole studies, how and when the balls are opened. You can check whether it will open under water, when colliding with another Bakugan, etc.
The game in Bakugan is a whole strategy. You can invent your own story, develop moves and actions for the characters. Also, characters can assign their characteristics: character, behavior, etc. Therefore it is considered that Bakugans are a toy for boys.


Toys Zubs are Bakugans for girls. They are small and mischievous creatures who live on the mystical island of Zoobl. Zublsy is the development of the same company that Bakuganov did - SpinMaster.
When Zubs is in a dream, he is an ordinary ball. However, it's worth placing it on a special magnetic pad, as it unfolds into a cute creature that you can play with. Zublsy, unlike Bakuganov, are cute animals. In each of them you can guess the traits of this or that beast - cats, dogs, etc.
Zubbles, like the Bakugans, are quite diverse,Due to what you can create whole collections, collect families and play role-playing games. In addition, modern manufacturers have tried and created a whole industry for the Zubs: houses, rockers, cars, etc .;

You can not worry about storing such small toys. So, for example, the Zubs has a special house in which they can be kept all of them in a dormant position.

Girls will also appreciate silicone clothing sets for the Zubs. After all, thanks to them you can turn the magic little animals into real mods .;
Today, the Zugs and Bakugans are very in demand. And parents really appreciate that such toys not only entertain children, but also develop their imagination and logic.

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