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WHAT Zubls toys differ from Bakugan

The Zubls toys differ from Bakugan

Modern toys are varied and rich collections.

One of the most popular today are considered Zublsy and Bakugan.

However, despite the fact that they are now filled all the shops, many buyers ask: what is the difference between them.

After all, in essence these toys are almost the same.

Bakugan and Zublsy are smallmonsters that are formed and opened at a certain influence on them: in contact with a magnetic platform when struck against a hard surface, such as roll, etc. Despite the similarity in their principle of operation, these toys are different from each other.


Bakugan - in Japanese monster combat,revealing its essence and true power during the battle. By itself, the Bakugan ball is composed of a monster and stands. Bakugan Ball contains the body of a monster, and that has wings, and more. Favorable difference from other Bakugan toy is that it combines several types of toys, and also fits easily in the palm of a child.

Experts claim that it is the size of a palm is best for a child aged 6-9 years. Although, in practice, children begin to play Bakugan before - and 4 years.

Bakugan also have different colors and have differentsize and filling, so that they can collect. In addition, each bulb hiding different characters, which are disclosed only in certain conditions. The mechanism of opening the Bakugan is a small spring-loaded, which is activated by contact with a magnet. This whole study can be carried out as and when the balls are opened. You can check whether it is open under water, in a collision with another Bakugan, etc.
Game Bakugan - this is a whole strategy. You can invent a plot, develop courses and action heroes. Also, the characters can be assigned its own characteristics: character, behaviors, etc. It is therefore considered that Bakugan - a toy for boys.


Zubls Toys - Bakugan is for girls. Represent them and mischievous little creatures that live on the mystical island Zoobl. Zublsy - is the development of the same company that made Bakugan, - SpinMaster.
When Zubls is a dream, it is - an ordinary bulb. However, it should put him on a special magnetic pad, as it is revealed in the lovely creature, with whom you can play. Zublsy unlike Bakugan are cute animals. In each of them you can guess the characteristics of a particular animal - cats, dogs, etc.
Zublsy as Bakugan, are quite diverse,whereby it is possible to create entire collection to collect family and play role-playing games. In addition, modern manufacturers have tried and created a whole new industry for Zublsov: houses, rocker, cars, etc .;

For storage of such small toys can not survive. So, for example, Zublsov have a special house in which they can store them all in a sleeping position.

The girls will appreciate and silicone clothing sets for Zublsov. Indeed, thanks to them, you can turn the magic of little animals in these mods .;
Today Zublsy and Bakugan very much in demand. And parents appreciate that these toys not only entertain children but also develop their imagination and logic.

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