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WHAT touching movie can be viewed

What touching movie can be viewed

How to spend the evening watching a good movie. Especially if it gives the opportunity to relax and dream about true love.

And with a loved one watching a touching movie - it is a real pleasure.

The main thing - correctly to pick up a good picture.

"Diary of member"

The film tells the touching love story,which reads an older man woman in a nursing home of an old diary. This is a story of passion rich girls and poor boys. Allie and Noah spent together the summer, but the parents have divided them, taking Ellie to another city. Some time later, the Second World War.

After the war, Ellie was engaged to a richbusinessman, and Noah restored big old house where so wanted to live his beloved. Once Ellie saw a picture of Noah in the newspaper and realized that their relationship has not yet been fully elucidated.

"If only"

Every decision a person influences his fate. Events are added to the chain, which can not be changed. What if there is a chance?

Beautiful Samantha learns American music. Her lover Ian spends all his free time at work, it is very spoils the relationship between young people. Samantha gets into a car accident and dies. Then Ian realizes that he has lost the most important thing in my life.

Man trying to turn the clock back, to live this terrible day again and change everything.

"Kate and Leopold"

Leo falls in the future, in modern-day New York. He came from the XIX century, which had the title of Duke of Albany. He meets business woman Kate, who realizes that one to keep Duke in such a busy city can not.

"Sorry for love"

Alex 37 years old, but he behaves like a teenager. He is going through a difficult breakup with his fiancee Helen and unexpectedly meets Nicky. This girl is only 17 years old, but she has not developed over the years. Alex and Nicky befriends which rapidly develops into love.

"City of Angels"

Place the angels in heaven. They quietly guarding people, listening to their thoughts, comforting during difficult times. But they do not experience any feelings, emotions, do not feel pain. They can not love.

But sometimes the angels lose their wings, fall to earth and become mortal. This is what happens to be one of the angels, which pulled to earth love of ordinary woman.

"The Holiday"

Iris lives in a beautiful cottage in the Englishprovince. It is a popular wedding column. Iris is in love, but her man is feeling to another. In Southern California, Amanda lives - business woman, owns a thriving advertising agency. Amanda finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Women live at a distance of 10 thousand kilometersapart, but the situation is very similar. They find each other on the Internet and decide to change housing on vacation. Women want to change continents and a break from their problems for 2 weeks. Amanda moved into the snowy English countryside, and Iris - in sunny California.

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