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How to say a toast to your girlfriend's birthday

What a toast to say to a beloved girl on her birthday</a>

My girlfriend's birthday is coming soon, and so I'd like to wish her everything-everything! And how to say a beautiful and memorable toast?

Why specifically wish your lover?

How to create a toast for your girlfriend

Many young people on the eve of the mainHoliday in the year of his beloved girl - his birthday - often break his head, what beautiful and memorable words to utter. What to wish my beloved to toast remember and warm the soul of the girl the whole next year. After all, so much you want to wish a dear and beloved person, as well as not to hit the dirt in front of the gathered guests.
First of all, the toast must be thought out in advance andRehearsed, especially if the young man is shy and afraid of the public. You need to sit down and come up with a congratulatory speech. It is best to do this in the evening and alone. Superfluous tips, especially from friends, can only spoil a toast to a beloved girl on her birthday. It is necessary to sit down quietly and quietly with a photo of a loved one, fill all feelings and thoughts only with it and come up with the most stunning and memorable greeting. Fill yourself with inspiration, include imagination, and the result will not keep you waiting. You can write a poem or even a song in honor of the beloved - this will destroy both the girl and her guests on the spot.

What to wish your beloved on your birthday

Toast can begin with a declaration of love. You should carefully select words and expressions, use a large number of metaphors and comparisons. Compare your love with the paradise flower, which every day dissolves more and becomes more beautiful. Describe your girlfriend as an angel or goddess, who got to you to decorate every moment of your life. Girls just love romantics and beautiful words in their address.
You can continue such a beautiful toast with regardsHealth, happiness, love, fulfillment of desires, success in business and work, continuation of all undertakings, etc. In the wishes should not be forgotten about epithets and adjectives, so that the toast was lively and colorful. For example: "I wish you good health, because I'm so worried about you when you're sick, huge love, because we are so happy with each other, boundless happiness, because you are so beautiful when you smile!"
At the end of the toast is to thank the parentsFor such a gift. Thanks to these people near you, such a wonderful, beloved and native man. It was parents who brought up the best girl in the world. Yes, and an extra bonus in the piggy bank, and even from the parents, it does not even hurt. They will subsequently give a blessing on your further relationship.

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