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WHAT to write on the wall Vkontakte


What to write on the wall Vkontakte</a>

The wall "Vkontakte" has long crossed the border of the usual place for public correspondence. Now it's a whole blog, enabling you to add images, videos and songs.

To make your blog "Vkontakte" interesting, you need not only to constantly update records, but also to make them quality.

How to make your wall interesting?

On your wall, you can share yourLife. Especially if it is filled with them. But remember, your entries should be of interest not only to you, but also to the rest. Therefore, you do not need to take pictures of each of your meals and other actions, if you do not have the talent to present it with an interesting perspective.
Having visited an interesting exhibition or concert, youYou can write a short review and your impressions of what you saw. Be sure to add your own photos - they will enhance the visual effect and push to read the post.
Share with friends the news you found inThe Internet. Actually, those news will look that can directly hurt your life and their lives in the near future. Do not close your wall from comments: so you can read reviews and cause heated discussion.
Share songs that you like or have recently released. To audio recordings, you can also add pictures that fit the topic.
"Vkontakte" is rarely welcomed the manifestation of plagiarism, the reposts of "zamylennyh" phrases without their own opinions and vanilla quotes.

Wall of friends

Do not spread spam on the wall of friends, otherwiseThey will quickly close you access to their page. Messages like "Send this record to 20 friends and your wish will be fulfilled" can only affect a person who is still young and recently registered on the Vkontakte network. It's also ugly to send ads to the friends that you use on your friends wall. It is better to tell about it personally.
But what then would be appropriate to write on the wall atFriend? As an option, you can add your joint successful (and only successful) photo and make the original signature to the image. If you want to share with your friend your preference in music, add him an audio recording that you like.
In the case when you are trying to please a girl, do not write on her wall various catchy compliments in public. This can scare her away and affect the future communication.

Groups and public pages

Before you even write anything on the wallPublic page, think about what topic your community belongs to. If the community does not have a category at all, then it does not make sense to create it. Write about everything and immediately interesting - it's impossible, so you need to choose your niche or instead of one group, create several.
Develop a single style that will be inherent inOnly your community. It can be a watermark with the name of a group or pictures, decorated in a single style. Or maybe your chip will be that to each record you will have a suitable musical composition.
Try not to use on the wall of your group"Memes", which have long been known in social networks. Otherwise, your subscribers will quickly lose their trust. The content that you fill the wall must be unique and rechecked in reliable sources.

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