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WHAT to wear with gray jeans


What to wear with gray jeans</a>

Jeans have long become a basic element of women's wardrobe. A wide range of models allows you to choose the perfect trousers, emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

However, jeans also have their own seasonal fashion.

In recent years, narrow models of gray color have gained great popularity.

Gray jeans - the basis of everyday image

Gray jeans - a great all-purpose modelTrousers, ideal for creating a stylish image for every day. Today, they are increasingly chosen by female students and housewives, famous models and actresses. The trick of popularity is the neutral color, which makes gray jeans easy to combine with other clothes.

Gray color is both noble and invisible. You can easily choose clothes of bright or classical tones, without fear of creating bad taste. Just in one set, connect no more than three colors.

Laconically and simply you will look in the ensembleOf gray jeans with a black top, pullover or sweater. Shoes and accessories pick up the color of the top. Similar sets make up with brown and white things.
Gray color is not afraid of monochrome. However, in this case, always dilute the kit with neutral or bright accessories. For example, a dark brown belt, a burgundy shawl, a long pearl thread, etc.
Gray jeans will look great with clothesPowdery and somewhat "dusty" colors. Leaders are all shades of pink and peach. Feel free to choose tops, T-shirts, tunics of designated colors to gray trousers from jeans. Over put on a gray / black cardigan.

Starry example of a combination of gray jeans

Many celebrities today choose gray jeansAs everyday wear. These pants are comfortable and with their help you can easily and quickly create a spectacular image. A special sympathy for gray jeans is Kate Moss, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham.
Top model and trendetter Kate Moss in life oftenWears gray jeans. The images are quite rich and effective, which can be repeated by girls all over the world. For example, put on a jeans with a graphite jersey with bright patterns, on top of a gray leather jacket / blazer. From accessories, give preference to the gray fedora hat, large black bag and the same color suede half-boots without heels.

Most often Kate Moss combines gray jeans withThe same color jacket. Under the latter she wears white T-shirts, black turtlenecks, wide graphite sweaters. Of the accessories - black and white scarves, sunglasses, brown belts.

Victoria Beckham prefers with the help of jeansCreate a more glamorous image. For example, as a top she uses a white jersey and a shortened gray vest with gold trim. Or - a wide khaki tunic with an asymmetrical neckline. In both cases Victoria Beckham necessarily puts on heels: golden sandals from thin straps.
Charlize Theron chooses a deliberately free style. With gray jeans, the actress often wears simple shirts in a large cage and sneakers. She also combines comfortable trousers with wide sweaters and elongated fur vests or ponchos. The best shoes for such an ensemble are massive women's shoes or high boots without heels.

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