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What to wear with gray jeans

What to wear with gray jeans

Jeans have long turned into a basic element of women's wardrobe. A wide range allows you to select the perfect pants that emphasize the dignity of the figure.

However, there is a jeans and its seasonal fashion.

Recently the increasing popularity won a narrow model of gray.

Gray jeans - everyday basis image

Gray jeans - a great universal modeltrousers, ideal for creating a stylish image for every day. Today, they are increasingly choosing students and housewives, famous models and actresses. The trick lies in the popularity of neutral color, whereby gray jeans is easy to combine with other clothes.

Grey simultaneously noble and invisible. To him we can safely choose bright clothing or classic colors, not afraid to create a bad taste. Just connect one set of no more than three colors.

Concisely and simply you will look in the ensembleof gray jeans with a black top, pullover or sweater. Footwear and accessories in the color of the top pick. A similar kit is a brown and white things.
Gray is not afraid to monochrome. However, in this case, be sure to dilute set of neutral or bright accessories. For example, dark brown belt, maroon headscarf, long pearl string and so on.
Grey jeans will look great with clothespowdery and somewhat "dusty" colors. The leaders are all shades of pink and peach. Feel free to try to trim gray trousers Jeans Tops, shirts, tunics designated colors. On top put on a gray / black cardigan.

Starship example of combining gray jeans

Many celebrities today are choosing gray jeansas casual wear. These pants are comfortable and they can be used easily and quickly create a spectacular image. Special sympathy for gray jeans showing Kate Moss, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham.
Top model and trendsetter Kate Moss in life oftenHe is wearing gray jeans. The images are rather intense and spectacular, which can repeat the girls around the world. For example, wear with jeans graphite T-shirt with bright patterns, top to throw with a gray leather jacket / blazer. From accessories give preference gray hat-Fedorov, a large black bag and matching low shoes made of suede without heels.

More often than Kate Moss combines gray jeansthe same color as the jacket. Under the last she wears white shirts, black turtleneck, wide graphite jacket. From accessories - black and white scarves, sunglasses, brown belts.

Victoria Beckham prefers using jeanscreate a glamorous image. For example, as it utilizes the top of a white T-shirt and a shorter gray vest with gold trim. Or - wide tunic khaki with asymmetrical neckline. In both cases, be sure to Victoria Beckham wears heels: golden sandals of thin straps.
Charlize Theron chooses deliberately loose style. With gray jeans actress often wears a simple shirt into a large cage and sneakers. It also combines a comfortable pants with wide jackets and elongated fur jackets or ponchos. The best shoes for such a massive ensemble are women shoes or boots without heels.

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