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In what to wear a newborn baby in the first days of stay at home


What to wear a newborn baby in the first days of staying at home</a>

The first days after coming from the maternity home are the most exciting for parents. From how you dress the baby, will depend on his state of health and mood.

The choice of home clothes for a newborn is affected by the time of year and room temperature.

Summer child

A baby born in the warm season, you canTo put the houses in a loaf and diaper. On the head you need to put on a bonnet. All clothes for the newborn should be made of natural materials, washed and ironed. At the bonnet and ryazhonki seams are made from the outside.

Choosing clothes for your baby, give preference to the ryazhonkam with a cut on the back, so the child will always closed the umbilical wound.

It is advisable to refrain from ruches and lace in the firstThe days of staying at home, they can cause irritation on the baby's skin. The first 5-7 days after the arrival from the hospital, the baby is swaddled together in handles, in the following the pens are left free, the swaddled only the legs. In summer, you can not afford to use disposable diapers and change diapers as they get dirty. The cap is tied on the side so that the knot does not squeeze the neck under the chin.
If the room is well heated and the temperature is notFalls below 24-25oC, then the baby enough to put on a lightweight natural suit. At first you will not go for a walk, you can breathe fresh air by opening a wide window or walking for a while on the balcony. For such a walk, you can choose a soft fleece blanket and insulated cap if the street is a little cool.

Winter child

If the crumb was born in the fall, winter or early spring, the requirements for clothing will be different.

Do not use as a warmth of crumbs down kerchiefs and blankets, they are strong allergens. In addition, the nap can get into the eyes, nose and mouth.

Disposable diapers you will begin to put on your babyAlready in the hospital, so you often do not need to change diapers, and the baby will remain warm until the next diaper change. If the house is cool, you need to dress warmer: a hooded sweatshirt, socks and a flannel cap. The best option for warming the baby after a week of staying at home will be a button suit called a slip.
Slip it is not necessary to drag through a head, as bodi,There are no elastic bands on the tummy, like sliders, nothing gets out anywhere and does not slip. It is convenient to unbutton it to replace the diaper, because you do not need to completely remove it. The same applies to more insulated types of overalls for the first invigorating walks on the balcony. It is very important that there are no drafts in the room where the child is. Otherwise no clothes can protect the newborn from a cold.

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