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WHAT to take for the kid, going out into the world


What to take for a baby when going out</a>

For a child, every walk is a new knowledge. You will not be nervous on the street and swear at the baby if you are properly prepared.

A kid who has not yet turned a year old does not run, can not slip away from you, does not rebel.

You just need to take care of elementary things like food, diapers and toys.

You will need

  • It will take a big bag to pack all the necessary accessories.



Going to friends, arrange for a while,When the child will be vigorous and rested, for example, after midday sleep. At this time he is more sociable. A one-year-old child is curious, wants to touch everything, get everywhere. Bring the toys. It's better if these are the ones that the kid has not played for a long time.


Take a change of clothes - the baby can get dirty.


You will need diapers, a bib, children's cutlery, a bowl, a cup. Pack milk or porridge in a bag, or you can take ready meals.


If you decide to go to the store with your child, immediatelyDetermine what you need products. Make a list. After all, a shopping trip can take at least one and a half to two hours. Choose a time when there will be less people. The child should be well fed and get enough sleep. Bring a pacifier and drink.

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