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What to see tourist in Paris

What to see tourist in Paris

If you come to Paris not for one day, do not limit yourself to a visit to the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre few rooms.

In this city there are many interesting places, less popular among tourists, but able to show you Paris with an unusual side.



Make up your own program of visits to museumsaccording to their tastes. If you love history and romance of chivalry, pay attention to the Middle Ages Museum in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Those who are close to the Impressionists, it is best to visit the Musée d'Orsay. But keep in mind that the short visit to the city would be wise to focus on examination of the museum, but he devoted a considerable part of the day - so you can, slowly, to enjoy the contemplation of paintings or sculptures.


Sign up for a tour. They were held in Paris very much, and some of them are calculated including the locals. Such a visit with a guide is a good opportunity to discover interesting places of the city and learn more about their history. Sign up for a guided tour in English, French or Russian can be through the Office de tourisme - organization dedicated to help tourists.


Do not forget about the Parisian gastronomy. The best restaurants of the city are listed in the Michelin guide, but lunch in these institutions can cost from 30-40 to 100 euros or more. If you have a modest budget, choose one of the many Parisian bistro where you can eat in less than 20 euros. Choose a restaurant that is filled at lunch time - mostly it is a sign that the institution forge good. Do not forget to visit one of the Parisian market - they are most often held in the morning. There you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as cheeses, pâtés and prepared hot meals.


If you love the theater, visit one of the Parisianrepresentations. Most dramatic productions are in French only, but even if you do not know, you can, for example, to visit the Paris Opera House - a theater with a long tradition. Tickets to the best book in advance on the website of the Opera.

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