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What to see in Lisbon

What to see in Lisbon

Lisbon - a city that is definitely worth attention.

Once it was the capital of a great naval power, but now it is a very quiet town with a unique atmosphere.

Even if you stay here only two or three days, you can see a lot.



Tram number 28
Probably the best place to start exploring the city, take a ride on the famous yellow tram in its historical part. Take the tram in the square Martin Moniz.


St. George's Castle
Located castle on a hill and can be seen from virtually anywhere in the city.


Commerce Square
This is the main area of ​​the city, overlooking the waterfront.


Sightseeing area of ​​Santa Justa
Located on one of the pedestrian streets of the Baixa. It can be reached by elevator and see the magnificent panorama of the city.


Statue of Christ
It is a miniature copy of the statue in Rio de Janeiro. Well visible from the waterfront, but you can look at it up close, he moved across the bridge.


Neighborhood Belen
The old district of the city, located in adistance from the center. Driving directions from the center by tram №18. At Belen better allocate half a day or even a whole day, because there are a lot of interesting things. First of all, it is a huge and very beautiful monastery, as well as a monument to the Discoveries, Tower, Park.


Be sure to go to the old pastry shop "Pashto de Belem" to try Pashto - traditional Portuguese dessert.


25 de Abril Bridge
This famous bridge is one of the longest in Europe, and is built in the image of a bridge in San Francisco.


The old parts of the city: Baixa, Anjos, Bairro Alto
Be sure to set aside time for a stroll through the old districts, with views of the Tagus River, go through the incredibly narrow streets.

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