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What to see in Hong Kong

What to see in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, so many amazing places to visit that you can safely spend a couple of months for travel and sightseeing.

That is why it is so important even before the trip to make a plan for yourself and determine what place you most want to see.

Amazing sights of Hong Kong

If you are interested in history and religion,go to the Big Buddha. Especially useful to choose the tour with an experienced guide who will tell you in detail about all the attractions that you will see. Some days open to the public as a monastery By Lin. To go to the Big Buddha, it is best to stall the cable car. This will give you the opportunity to admire along the way stunning scenery, see the mountains and the sea, as well as skyscrapers and high altitude airport.
Nature lovers should visit the Victoria peak. From there, it opens up a truly spectacular views, especially in the evening, during sunset. It is best to go there on a special tram, which takes you straight to the top. Tram to Victoria Road has been operating since 1888, so only one trip to this form of transport becomes a great one for sightseeing.

Entertainment in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has its own Disneyland. This is a wonderful place where you can walk, ride the rides, see the castle of Sleeping Beauty, enjoy the wonderful views. Incidentally, this is the perfect option for parents who take with them on a journey of small children. For kids at Disneyland Hong Kong is always plenty of entertainment, including unusual and it is completely safe and not at all scary rides without a "dead loop" and steep descents.
If you have long grown out of the age whenI want to go to Disneyland, and you do not have children, go to Ocean Park. This is a place for entertainment designed primarily for adults. There are rides, a visit to which your breath away, and the cable car to travel from one part of the park to another. You should only remember that the weekend in Ocean Park very long waiting lists, so it is best to go there during the week so as not to lose time in vain.
Strange but true: one of the best entertainment in Hong Kong is a visit to a science museum. There are several sections, each devoted to a particular theme. You can see under the microscope exhibits, touch them, ponazhimat button, turn mechanisms. Everything from the human body structure and ending with the laws of physics, there is shown in an unusual and fascinating way. A visit to the Museum of Science is perfect for both adults and children.

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