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What to see in Buenos Aires

What to see in Buenos Aires

Perhaps the most "European" capital of Latin America, inviting travelers from around the world of tango sounds, the best steaks and beautiful architecture.

Tickets from Russia to Argentina are expensive.

But you can find the best options, if you fly from Europe or to monitor sales, and promotions. You can also fly to Montevideo, and then get on the ferry.

Prices for hotels and private apartments are lower than in most European countries.



This is the city where the cemetery is one of thethe main attractions and the adjacent area of ​​the same name - one of the most respected and expensive. Recoleta is more like a city with narrow streets, along which there is a crypt. Here it is buried the most famous and influential people of the city, including Evita Peron. Entrance to the cemetery is free.


Maya Area
One of the central areas where visible CasaRosada - House President that evening highlighted a beautiful pink color. President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner Rodriguez arrives to work in a helicopter. On the square itself is a monument, and it departs from the Maya Street, along which definitely need to walk to the Palace of Congresses.


Puerto Madero
It is also very expensive area along the promenade of LaFee, near the port. This is where the bridge Women symbolizing female leg in one of the figures of the tango. In the evening on the waterfront full of life - in restaurants are always a lot of people strolling along the promenade couples, skyscrapers and bridge illuminated beautifully.


Florida Street
Pedestrian street in the heart of the city, is a center of commerce, including the exchange rate on the black. There is a huge number of shops and souvenir shops.


This is the name one of the streets in the neighborhood of La Boca,It became a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. Once the inhabitants of a poor district decided to paint their homes in bright colors, and now the street is the hallmark of Buenos Aires. There is always playing a tango, always sell souvenirs, and you can take pictures with the dancers or simply a cup of coffee in one of the small cafes.
It should be noted that several tourist streets are guarded by the police, and to go beyond them is not necessary - it can be dangerous.


Neighborhood San Telmo
This is one of the oldest areas of the city wherepreserved colonial architecture and the roads paved. Where you can find many antique shops and stores. The most authentic bars and restaurants are located here. But the square on weekends Dorego dancing tango.

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