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What to see in Abkhazia

What to see in Abkhazia

The Republic of Abkhazia opens for touriststremendous opportunities. There can be plenty nakupatsya in the clear sea, sunbathe on almost deserted beaches, enjoy delicious local barbecue and wine.

And in Abkhazia there are many interesting and beautiful place, a visit which will leave a lot of impressions and positive emotions.

Beach season in Abkhazia starts on Mayholidays and ends in October. Moreover, all this time in the Black Sea nice swim, and the air temperature is optimal for sunbathing and for long excursions in the fresh air. And the tourist season in Abkhazia is open all year round, because due to the winter there is quite mild subtropical climate.


The closest to the border of the Krasnodar Territorylies the town of Gagra - a favorite vacation spot of the Soviet people. There is today a very beautiful and picturesque beaches as well as downtown. Tourists vacationing in Gagra, you can go to the local water park, stroll through the old town, visit the Prince of Oldenburg park, go to Zhoekvarskoe valley or climb the mountain Mamzyshha.


The coastal village also has its PitsundaAttractions such as the Republic of pride - Pitsunda relict grove. it covers an area of ​​200 hectares, and the length of 7 km. Also from this village the easiest way to go to the waterfall and the lake Gegsky Ritso - one of the most beautiful and incredibly beautiful places in Abkhazia.

New Athos

In New Athos, in addition to the beautiful beachleisure, you can enjoy a stroll through drowning in green park with a lake, the old railway and station, picturesque waterfalls. And rise in Anakopia citadel and the New Athos Monastery, or go down to the local stalactite caves.


And, of course, deserves special attention citySukhum, which is the capital of Abkhazia. For tourists there are open miraculous Botanical Gardens and Monkey nursery Kamansky Monastery of St. John Chrysostom, the State Art Gallery and the Drama Theatre and other places.

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