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What to plant on a clay site

What to plant on a clay site

Clay soil on the site familiar to many cottagers. To this soil became loose and fertile, you need to put a lot of effort and time.

But the beauty of the court wants to see right now, not in a few years.

What can be planted in heavy clay soils, to please themselves and guests?



Trees. In clay soil grow any trees. They have a strong root system, so they are easy to grow through the dense layers of the ground, take out at a depth of moisture and nutrients. On the site, you can put as ordinary trees (birch, spruce, cedar, juniper) and fruit (viburnum, mountain ash, bird cherry, apple, cherry). Select trees for places in the area where they will not interfere and will not be cut down in the future.


Shrubs. Any fruit-bearing bushes (currants, raspberries, blackberries) will take root very well on clay. But if the summer will be dry, the fruit they will be less. To prevent this, the soil under the bushes need to be watered frequently and loosen. Better yet, if the place under the bushes to sleep compost and sand. The sand will help get the water when watering the roots and compost plant will need power.


Flowers. On clay, grow well and bloom unpretentious flowers. It can be perennial asters, daylily, hosts, daisies, HELIOPSIS, Turkish stud or decorative linen. On clay, you can even put all your favorite roses. But they have little to elevate clay soil - add sand and peat. For whimsical colors is better to make the high beds. To do this, buy a little black soil, make compost. Shuffle them and builded beds, planting flowers in them. So you can grow lilies, irises, tulips.


pure clay Vegetables do not like. And, accordingly, will not grow in it. For cultivation of most vegetables and green clay soil to be treated to a loose and light structure. And in the clay can try to plant potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, beets, peas and beans. Of course, they will not give a lot of harvest, but it will be enough to eat.


On clay, you can plant a green manure. Green manure - it is a plant with a good root system. These include plants such as wheat, oats, rye, mustard. They are planted in early spring, and cut, and is instilled as a fertilizer before planting vegetables. Green manure is very beneficial effect on clay soil, soften it, to lure beneficial insects and worms.

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